Dear Guests,

The Turkish Airlines trademark is going from strength to strength, gaining in value day by day. We are well aware that the branding process is a never-ending journey. As we find a permanent place in your hearts and minds, we at Turkish Airlines also hope to take our place among the world’s most valuable brands. The approach we have adopted to that end rests on three pillars:

1. Beyond Expectations: Here at Turkish Airlines we aim to offer you, our valuable passengers, unique service like none other. We strive to offer a level of service that will astonish and please you as well as competing with the world’s most luxurious airlines in both comfort and quality on the most favorable terms. And as we offer these services far beyond your expectations, we will absolutely never compromise our high standards, flight safety or product quality.

2. Bridging Worlds: The Turkish Airlines trademark has a meaning far beyond that of being a fast growing airline. Turkish Airlines is a premium asset in this cultural melting pot of a country that unites the continents. Thanks to the location of Istanbul, a geographical and cultural hub that links East and West we enjoy the pleasure of transporting you, our valuable passengers from around the world, as conveniently as possible to the places where you want to go.

3. With an Open Heart: Every trip you make with Turkish Airlines is like a visit to the home of a friend. We welcome you with the warm friendliness that is a hallmark of our traditional Turkish hospitality, and strive to make you feel the warmth of home in the comfort we provide. Our aim is to turn your travels into a memorable experience and make you feel just how special you are.

As we continue to develop our trademark and our range of products, we will expend all our energy, and shun no investment, to entertain you in the best way possible. Our objective is to ensure that Turkish Airlines finds its place among the world’s top 100 brands in the medium term.
I thank you for choosing Turkish Airlines and wish you a pleasant flight.

Sincerely yours,

Temel Kotil, Ph.D.