Dear Guests,

Here at Turkish Airlines we strive continuously to develop, grow and give you better quality service. Every day we chalk up new successes on this never ending journey. With flights to 89 countries in the world today, Turkish Airlines now flies to more countries than any other airline in the world. We also preserved our title of Best Airline in Europe this year. All these developments are a clear indication of the acceptance Turkish Airlines has gained and the interest it is drawing, as well as, of course, of your kind favor.
As important as achieving that success is making it sustainable. We are expending great efforts in that area. In the last ten years our passenger numbers have risen from 10 million to 32.6 million and our revenues from around 1.9 billion dollars to 7.1 billion. Our target is to boost those passenger numbers to 38 million and our revenues even higher to 7.9 billion dollars this year. In the last ten years we made continuous investments to expand our fleet and flight network on the one hand while also improving our quality on the other. What’s more, as we were making those investments we have also achieved sound growth by making a profit every year.
Today at Turkish Airlines we make 1,000 flights on average a day. Our flight network, which reaches 203 destinations and 89 countries around the world, offers a growth potential of up to double our current average of daily flights. Istanbul’s location as a natural transfer hub gives us a great advantage in this area. As the French ruler Napoleon Bonaparte put it, “If the world were a single country, Istanbul would be its capital.”  If we apply those words to aviation, we can easily say, “If there were only one airline in the world, Istanbul would be its hub.”
In addition to all these developments, our efforts are also continuing to position the Turkish Airlines brand on a global basis. An important step in that process is the Turkish Airlines World Golf Final, held in Antalya with the participation of the world’s top golfers, among them names like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. I recommend that you witness that excitement yourself.

Dear Guests,
I would like to take this opportunity to entreat God to look with favor on the worship of the Muslims who are setting out, or will soon set out, on their Holy Pilgrimage. We at Turkish Airlines experience the pleasure of transporting some 100,000 passengers from all over the world to the Holy Lands every year.
In closing I wish you all a Happy Feast of Sacrifice and Republic Day on October 29, thank you for choosing us for your travels, and wish you a pleasant flight.

Sincerely yours,

Temel Kotil, Ph.D.