Blue Haven

A Favorite with numerous vip’s from royal families to Hollywood stars, Göcek is a green and blue paradise in a pine-forested mountain setting.

A resort that came to prominence when news broke that world stars were vacationing here in the 1980’s, Göcek has hosted numerous illustrious figures from Prince Charles and Sting to Julia Roberts and Jodie Foster. Lined with one stunning yacht after the other, Göcek Bay is a bastion of blue cruise tourism today.

This sheltered village that you can walk from one end to the other in just 15 minutes boasts several marinas. Flying into Dalaman from Turkey and all over the world, yacht owners find themselves in the heart of its turquoise blue at the end of a pleasant flight. Those who choose Göcek’s tranquil shores savor the taste of sea, sun and history on its deserted coasts and untouched islands. The history of the area goes back five millennia. For years it was used as a port where the chromium extracted from nearby mines was loaded onto ships. When a group of Turkish artists and writers traveled to the area by sea in the mid-1900’s, the concept of the blue cruise was born.

But you need not own a yacht to enjoy Göcek. Tour boats to the neighboring bays depart daily from the Göcek marinas. There are a large number of apart-hotels in the area as well as, for those who want them, boutique hotels that push the boundaries when it comes to comfort. Turning now to what’s in the sea, the Yassıca Islands not far off shore are well worth seeing. Ditto for nearby Hacı Halil Island. Bedri Rahmi Cove is a little further on. The picture of a fish the famous artist made on a boat here is a Göcek icon. No matter how windy it may be, Göcek is always calm. Directly opposite the bay is Tersane (Shipyards)  Island. This island chock-full of the remains of an observation tower and a shipyards used in Ottoman times is the largest of those in the vicinity. Another of the area’s wonders is Manastır Bay whose historic, half-submerged monastery mesmerizes visitors. To the southwest is another underwater ruin known as Cleopatra’s Bath. All else aside, the crimson sunsets, indigo sky and crash of the waves are something else here. The world’s stars know a thing or two…

1. The area around Göcek opens onto a series bays, each one more beautiful than the last.

2. Yachts lined up attractively on the shore.

MEHMET EMİN AKSAY (Member of the Board of Directors, Marintürk)

“If you make a yacht cruise anywhere from the Caribbean to Dalmatia, you will see that the coasts of Turkey, especially at Göcek, are incomparably more beautiful. According to a survey done by Muğla University, some 25,000 yachts entered the bays here in two and a half months. Göcek has a mooring capacity for 1,200 boats. We know that there are around 800,000 boats sailing in the Mediterranean. A yacht tourist spends 27 times as much as a tourist who comes by land. Göcek could soon become the driver of yacht tourism in Turkey. But for this the number of marinas and quality facilities needs to be increased. The Göcek coast could also be declared a national park.”

Pine-forested hills surround the yachts at Göcek.

2. The rich regional cuisine has an Anatolian touch.
3. Wooden piers protruding into the sea await yacht owners.