The Distant Near

Cem Boyner Is A Businessman. But He Is Equally A Photographer. His Interest In Photography, Which Began In High School, Has Taken Him To The Depths Of The Sea And The Deserts Of Africa. This Hobby Also Produced A Series Of Fabulous Exhibitions. Here Is A Pictorial Summary Of One Of Them.

A look such as you would only show yourself in the mirror, or perhaps show your mother. A look you would keep for yourself alone, if you like yourself a lot, or that you would show to someone you love very much, but definitely a look not everyone could see. This man found me. He started an argument. He made himself the center of attention and got himself photographed.

After making some of these trips, I said I couldn’t go on only taking black-and-white photos. I had to act according to the demands of the scene, whatever it was. As a result, some photos are black and white, and some are in color. The colors of Africa are so powerful, so unbelievable, that they add something to the photo.

I did my homework for most of the cultures I was going to visit. I tried to learn about their habits, beliefs and traditions that might seem strange to us. You have to be very careful about the things these people believe.