Istanbul in Miniatures

Miniature art, which has a history of hundred of years, brings Istanbul’s changing and about to be forgotten places into the present.

After the conquest, Istanbul became the third and last capital of the Ottoman Empire. Miniatures are the best sources representing  the elements of Ottoman architecture and life style. In a time when engravings and photographs did not exist, miniatures were the most important source of visual knowledge. We see important components of the city's identity such as city walls, gates, monuments, flora, palaces and waterfront residences in miniatures. Beyond all of these, miniatures depict the social order, nightlife, clothing and eating habits of their time. Matrakci Nasuh, Levni, Nakkas Hasan, Sinan Bey, Nakkas Osman, Seyyid Lokman, Nigari and Talikzade Subhi Celebi are some of the important names in the Ottoman miniature tradition.