In-Flight Catering

1. What is inflight catering?

Inflight catering is the entire service for our passengers during the whole flight. Inflight catering planning is a wide and detailed operation which depends on technical developments and modernization of todays’ conditions. The meal tray passes through many processes to reach the passenger on-board. These processes are operated within the “Catering Service System” between the airline, catering companies and suppliers.

2. What is taken into consideration while planning and operating the inflight catering?

While planning the inflight catering; profile of the route, flight time, flight departure and arrival time, passenger profile, eating habits and feedbacks from our passengers are taken into consideration.

3. What are the Special Meals served on board? And how are they ordered?

Our passengers can order special meals till 24 hours before the departure time if they have special occasions such as religious believes, eating habits or health related diseases in all our flights except domestic flights. Turkish Airlines serves all special meals that IATA states. In addition, even IATA has not stated in its special meal types, Turkish Airlines serve nut-free special meals for the passengers who provide a doctor report for his/her nut allergy. In domestic flights, special meals are not served except “Celebration Cake”.

4. What makes Turkish Airline’s catering service different than the other airlines’ catering services?

Our catering service is always renewed considering the trends and least common tastes. Our aim is to offer a restaurant experience and taste to our passengers above the clouds within aircraft possibilities.

Beside Turkish cuisine’s rich variety of meals, Turkish Airlines also serves meals from international world cuisine and it carries out “Flying Chef” service in its Extended Range (Transoceanic) flights. With the partnership of Turkish Airlines Inc. and DO&CO A.G., meals are always prepared with fresh products with an understanding and principle of boutique production where the unique menu concept is introduced to the passengers via Flying Chefs who gives professional support to cabin crew during the meal preparation to show Turkish hospitality to the world. Especially to serve different options to our frequent fliers departing from Turkey, we use weekly menu rotations in all classes.

5. How can i reach the detailed information regarding inflight catering service for Economy, Comfort and Business classes?

For more information for Business Class catering service, please click.
For more information for Economy Class catering service, please click.