Miles&Smiles members will now be able to earn bonus miles from purchases made at Bimeks, the electronics retailer.


Bimeks has joined Miles&Smiles as a program partner with 38 retail locations and twenty-thousand square meters of retail space. Miles&Smiles members will now enjoy bonus miles on their purchases of laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras, video cameras, televisions,  printers, and all other Bimeks products including all of the many famous brand names that bimeks carries, thus having the opportunityto earn miles while being on the cutting edge of technology.

Miles&Smiles member will be able to shop at the home of the “best price guarantee” while also earning bonus miles and shopping among the lowest prices in the market.

Members will be able to earn, for every 4 TL spent; 1 bonus mile.

Miles&Smiles members will now have the opportunity to earn bonus miles at Bimeks technology stores. Founded in 1990, Bimeks has an unparalleled variety to meet the demanding consumers needs and in convenient locations throughout Turkey: İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Adana, Mersin, Antalya, Konya, Kayseri, Eskişehir, Aydın, Trabzon, Denizli. Bimeks Teknoports are hubs of technology that have the full range of all things on the cutting edge. 

With convenient locations in 13 locations throughout Turkey with over twenty-thousand square meters of space, over 30 shops, with over ten-thousand different products, Bimeks allows customers to be the first to know about the latest technologies. Miles&Smiles members will be able to take advantage of Bimeks 'Best Price Guarantee” and great customer service, all while earning bonus miles. Showcasing rapid growth in locations and products, Bimeks is getting to be the most easily accessible technology retailer.


  • Bimeks opened the first IT retail store in Turkey.
  • Bimeks was the first to open a retail IT store in 1993 within a shopping mall.
  • In 2007 Bimeks opened the largest retail store with the most variety of any other technology store on a single level.
  • Became the fastest growing company among 3,335 companies in Turkey during the 1998-2007 period.
Bimeks Phone Orders: 0212 463 33 33
Bimeks Customer Service: 0216 444 22 11
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