General Baggage Information

1. Can I Check My Baggage To The Last Destination?

Yes, you can check your baggage to the last destination. If you are changing your ticketed itinerary, please advise the airport agent before checking your luggage. Please ask at the transfer point if you will be able to collect your baggage at the final destination according to the custom regulations of that country.

2. What Should I do if I Don't Receive My Baggage upon Arrival?

To get more information about baggage problems visit our Baggage Delays page please.

3. What Is My Free Baggage Allowance?

To learn your free baggage alowance, visit our Free Baggage Allowance page please.

4. How much do I pay for excess baggage?

To learn our exess tariffs, visit our Excess Baggage page please.

5. What are the guidelines about cabin baggage?

To learn our cabin baggage policies, visit our Cabin Baggage page please.

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