The Best Flies with Europe’s Best

Turkish Airlines has won Skytrax Awards in Europe’s Best Airline category, two times in a row and also continues being the best with catering services.

The advertorial is about the delicious catering services and the actors are one of the best basketball players of the world, Kobe Bryant, and world’s most talented football player, Lionel Messi.

Notes from the advertorial:

Kobe Bryant’s shots were taken in an aircraft in İstanbul, while Lionel Messi’s shots were taken in Barcelona in an aircraft model which looked exactly like Kobe’s. A special technique was used to make it seem like they were in the same aircraft.

The shooting of the advertorial took 2 days whereas the production stage took more than 2 months. 100 people took place in this project working with Turkish, Spanish and Dutch crews.

Turkish Airlines is named the Best Airline in Europe at the 2011 and 2012 World Airline Awards, by Skytrax

27.05.2013 Updated