Reservation and Ticketing

1. Do you have any discount for passenger with disabilities?

Turkish Airlines applies 25 % discount from all applicable domestic fares (except promotional fares) for the passengers who have minimum 40 % of disability.

Disabled passengers are required to present one of the below documents for the discount to be applied:
  • Disabled identity card which is given by T.C. Disabled Department Directorate or,
  • Health committee report, or
  • Copy of identity card only if it includes disabled remark.
Also in case a companion travels with the disabled passenger, on the doctor report there must be a remark written as “must travel with a companion” and if the companion travels in the same flight with disabled passenger, 25 % discount will also be applied from all applicable domestic fares (except promotional fares).

Turkish Airlines also provides wheel chair service free of charge for all the passengers who require provided that it is requested 24 hours prior to flight.

For travels departing from America, UK, Canada and for code share flights where TK is the marketing carrier (Not the operating carrier), disabled discount will not be applied.

Discount for passenger with disabilities is not applicable for the bookings completed on Turkish Airlines web site. For further information please contact Turkish Airlines’ Sales Offices.


2. Can I have information about Infant discounts?

For all domestic flights, babies who have not yet turned 2 years old travel without a separate seat and with a fixed fee of 34 TL for direct flights (economy class), 39 TL for connecting flights (economy class), 44 TL for direct flights (business class) and 49 TL for connecting flights (business class). To be eligible for this discount, you need to submit an official document indicating the birth date of the baby at the time the ticket is issued.

Infants who are 8 days old but have not reached their 2nd birthday can only travel with a parent/legal guardian. An escort hostess shall not be assigned (Infants who have not reached 7th days birthday can not travel even with their parent/legal guardian).

One adult passenger can only travel with one infant due to flight safety. In case of one adult passenger travels with 2 infants, children fare shall be charged for the second infant.

3. How can I get a youth discount?

On domestic flights , youth discount is not applicable.

Youth discount is applicable on international flights Proof of age (passport or another official documentary evidence) is required at the time of ticketing.

Youth discount and age restrictions vary regionally and country wise, for more information please contact your local Turkish Airlines Sales Office or contact your travel agency.

4. If I purchase my ticket from your web site (, can I get a student discount?

Yes. From our web site, on domestic flights, passengers who have reached 13th birthday but not 25th birthday,can have 10% or 15% discount in accordance with fare classes. Turkish Airlines student age is being applied as 13-28 for Turkey-Ercan v.v. flights.

Student Discount applies on international Turkish Airlines flights for students in accordance with precise age limits. In order to be eligible for student discounts, persons must be enrolled in a full educational establishment and be able to present at time of ticketing an official document verifying such as.

Youth discount and age restrictions vary regionally and country wise, for entire information please contact your local Turkish Airlines Sales Office or contact your travel agency.

5. Can my daughter obtain a discount on your flights?

For domestic flights, children who have reached their 2nd birthday but not their 12th birthday can have 10% or 15% discount in accordance with fare classes.

For international flights, it is applicable of fares whose fare notes permit such an application for children who, at the commencement of travel date, have reached their 2nd but have not reached their 12th birthday. Children discount and age restrictions vary regionally and country wise, for entire information please contact your local Turkish Airlines Sales Office or contact your travel agency.

Proof of age must be presented for notification purposes.



You may travel with your pets, provided that they have the relevant vaccination and health certificates, entry permits and/or other documents required by transit countries in full, and are of dimensions appropriate to the special crate. Please click on the headings below for more detailed information...

Animals Prohibited From Our Flights

Dogs liable to cause harm such as American Pitbull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Japanese Tosas, Dogo Argentinos, Dobermans and Rottweilers.

Procedures for the Transport of Pets
  • The pets that passengers may travel with are restricted as to kind and number. For this reason travelling with your pet is possible with prior reservation.
  • Carriage of pets is subject to the laws of the states of departure, arrival and transit.
  • Some countries to not allow entry, exit or transit of pets travelling with passengers. For detalied information please contact reservation or our nearest ticket sales office.
  • The carriage of pets is subject to surcharges. In America, Canada and Brazil this is calculated in accord with the piece system for baggage.
  • Pets that are to be transported in the cabin must without exception be carried inside a crate of dimensions 45x35x23 cm to be obtained by the owner.
  • The weight of the pet to be transported in the cabin must way no more than 8 kg including its crate.
  • If the weight of the crate and the pet together exceeds 8 kg the pet will be transported in the cargo compartment.
  • A tag must be affixed to the crate specifying the name of the pet and passenger.
  • The pet must be healthy, harmless, clean and without odour. If the condition of the animal is seen to be doubtful (the pet is agitated, aggressive, sick etc.) station staff may refuse to accept the pet on board the flight.
  • The passenger must have the health documents, vaccination certificates and identity papers of the pet ready for inspection during boarding and on request.
  • Guide dogs for the blind and sight impaired may be accepted on board free of charge and without a crate where prior reservation is made. Some countries to not allow entry, exit or transit of pets travelling with passengers. For detalied information please contact reservation or our nearest ticket sales office.
  • A maximum of 2 dogs may share a crate, however 2 cats may not travel together in the same crate.
  • A maximum of 3 live animals less than 6 months old and of the same mother may be transported in the same crate.
  • The limit to the number of pets that may be transported in the cargo compartment is limited by aircraft type.
  • Female animals must not be pregnant.
  • The pet must not be removed from inside the crate for the duration of the journey.
  • Turkish Airlines accepts no liability for any worsening of the condition of the pet either before, during or after the flight.
Wheel Chair

We provide wheelchair service for passengers who need assistance. However, it is necessary to make a wheelchair request previous a flight.
This service is free of charge on AJET and TK flights. If you need further information and assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our 7/24 Call Center.

Flight Catering

1. What is inflight catering?

Inflight catering is the entire service for our passengers during the whole flight. Inflight catering planning is a wide and detailed operation which depends on technical developments and modernisation of todays’ conditions. The meal tray passes through many processes to reach the passenger on-board. These processes are operated within the “Catering Service System” between the airline, catering companies and suppliers.

2. What is taken into consideration while planning and operating the inflight catering?

While planning the inflight catering; profile of the route, flight time, flight departure and arrival time, passenger profile, eating habits, type of the aircraft and catering loading station are taken into consideration to prepare meal plans. Inflight catering loadings are operated regarding to aircraft type considering tray set configurations and loading plans.

3. How many different types of inflight meal services you have as Turkish Airlines?

There are different types of services for each class in Domestic, Short Haul International, Medium Haul International, Long Haul International and Extended Range (Transoceanic) flights. Breakfast service is served for the flights scheduled in 00:00-09:59 time period and meal service is served for the flights scheduled in 10:00-23:59 time period. Serving hot or cold service is directly related to flight duration and route profile. To offer various options to our frequent fliers, we use weekly menu rotations in all classes departing from Turkey. Except Domestic economy classes, varieties of alcoholic drinks are served for our passengers free of charge. Non-alcoholic drinks and beverages are served in all our flights for all classes.

4. What are the Special Meals served on board? And how are they ordered?

Our passengers can order special meals till 24 hours before the departure time if they have special occasions such as religious believes, eating habits or health related diseases in all our flights except domestic flights. Turkish Airlines serves all special meals that IATA states. In addition, even IATA has not stated in its special meal types, Turkish Airlines serve nut-free special meals for the passengers who provide a doctor report for his/her nut allergy. In domestic flights, special meals are not served except “Celebration Cake”.

5. What makes Turkish Airline’s catering service different than the other airlines’ catering services?

Our catering service is always renewed considering the trends and least common tastes. Our aim is to offer a restaurant experience and taste to our passengers above the clouds within aircraft possibilities.

Beside Turkish cuisine’s rich variety of meals, Turkish Airlines also serves meals from international world cuisine and it carries out “Flying Chef” service in its Extended Range (Transoceanic) flights. With the partnership of Turkish Airlines Inc. and DO&CO A.G., meals are always prepared with fresh products with an understanding and principle of boutique production where the unique menu concept is introduced to the passengers via Flying Chefs who gives professional support to cabin crew during the meal preparation to show Turkish hospitality to the world. Especially to serve different options to our frequent fliers departing from Turkey, we use weekly menu rotations in all classes.

6. What kind of alcoholic drinks and wine do you serve?

In our long haul flights, exclusive local and imported wines are served in First and Business Classes. We serve a selection of prominent qualified wines from our country and also from countries which are famous with their wine production. Besides wine selections, alcoholic drinks such as whiskey, cognac, gin, liqueur and variety of fruit juices and beverages are served as well.

Special Meal Service

By presenting special meals with the highest degree of quality and consistency, Turkish Airlines aims to make your travel a memorable one, besides making you feel like a special guest on our flights.

IATA member airlines, supply the special meal types that are defined according to IATA SPML guidelines.

Special meal requests have to be done during your reservation to a flight or at least 24 hours in advance of your flight.

Please advise if you have any allergies, like nut allergy etc., with a doctor’s report.

There is no special meal service on our domestic flights.

The contents of the meals in the photographs are sample menus which may differ according to the season, destination and departure time

Special Meal Options
AVML - (Vegetarian Hindu / Asiatic Meal ) HNML (Hindu Meal) RVML (Vegetarian Raw Meal)
BBML (Baby Meal) KSML (Kosher Meal) SFML (Sea Food Meal)
BLML (Bland Meal) LCML (Low Calorie Meal) VGML (Strict Vegetarian Meal)
CHML (Child Meal) LFML (Low Fat Meal) VJML (Jain Meal)
DBML (Diabetic Meal) LSML (/Low Salt Meal) VLML (Vegetarian Lacto Ovo Meal)
FPML (Fruit Platter Meal) MOML (Muslim Meal) VOML (Vegetarian Oriental Meal)
GFML (Gluten Intolerant Meal) NLML (Low Lactose Meal) SPML (Special Meal Celebration Cake)

Seat Selection

How do I select my seat during the online booking process?

On Turkish Airlines flights, on the confirmation page you will be displayed interactive seat map to make a seat preference 100 days prior to flight only in Business Class for domestic flights and in both Business and Economy Classes for international flights. You can make your seat selection according to your seat preferences.

Can I select seats on your seat map if I am flying on a code-share flight?

Business class seat selection can only be made for domestic flights within Turkey and on the international flights to Economy and Business class seat selections can be made for all short-haul (Europe) or long-haul (America,Far east) In accordance with the agreements made with the other airline companies seat preference is not possible for the code share flights.

What happens to my seat if Turkish Airlines has a schedule change or an equipment change ?

You will be informed about the change and a new seat selection (same or similar to the previous one) will be made.


Passengers who are pregnant should obtain detailed information on the possibility of experiencing any problems by consulting with their physician before the travel. It is important that those passengers should note down and take with them the telephone numbers of their local physician and the doctors, healthcare facilities, emergency health services and ambulance at the destination, against the possibility of any emergency which may occur before during and after the flight.

After the twenty eighth week of their pregnancy, they should submit the report which is obtained from a physician or midwife in the last two weeks, to the representative of Turkish Airlines before the flight , which states that they can travel onboard an aircraft . In this report it’s obligatory to state that,

  • The pregnancy is in normal course,
  • No complication has been developed,
  • The pregnant has no extra risk or sickness,
  • Possible due date (the delivery is not expected within 4 weeks after the date of flight),
  • There is no inconvenience for the flight.
Turkish Airlines reserves the right of cancellation of the tickets for the passengers, who have entered the 29th week of pregnancy, and who have not submitted the mentioned report.

In a problem-free pregnancy which is in normal course, flight is not allowed at the following circumstances:
  • For the multiple pregnancies such as expecting twins or triplets, the flight is not allowed from the end of 32nd week of pregnancy until 7 days after the delivery.
  • For the single and problem-free pregnancy which is in normal course, the flight is not allowed from the end of 36th week of pregnancy until 7 days after the delivery.
It is recommended to choose an aisle seat that will give the pregnant passengers comfort and help them to walk around in the aisle for exercising.

Doing exercises periodically, walking around the aisle, wearing varsity socks preventing the blood congestion in the veins and leg swelling, avoiding to wear socks, which may interrupt blood circulation, has importance in terms of protecting themselves against the blood circulation disorder which is called Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Certain countries do not allow the entry of the pregnant women, who are not their own citizens, from their borders. In case of a question regarding this, they should contact with the representative office of the concerned country nearby, before the flight.



Presentation of Credit Card: In the event that the passenger gets in touch for the first time with an Turkish Airlines office/counter to claim rebooking/cancellation/refund for the ticket or consults with the counter for the check-in transactions of the first flight in the reservation; the holder of the credit card that was used for the payment transactions during the purchasing transactions of the ticket must be present together with the passenger with a valid identity card to present the credit card used for the payment or must present the credit card and a valid photo-attached identity card personally to a Turkish Airlines office before the first flight in the reservation.

Situations that do not require presentation of Credit Card: The credit card used for payment must be presented prior to the flight. Miles&Smiles card holders who have had at least (1) one flight during the last one year are not required to present credit card. Holders of credit cards to be used for payment who meet the above mentioned conditions and have fully entered the membership information are not required to present the credit card used for the payment. The Miles&Smiles Member is obliged to use its membership and PIN numbers while purchasing the ticket by means of credit card. The membership and PIN numbers are private and confidential and can not be shared with third parties. Any transaction made by using correct membership and PIN numbers will be considered to have been made by the Miles&Smiles member and any and all responsibility will be borne by the Miles&Smiles Member in case of any irregular usage. Turkish Airlines reserves its right to take legal actions or apply other sanctions set forth in Miles&Smiles terms.

3-D Secure 3D Secure is a simple password-protected identity-checking service which is designed by credit card institutions to ensure safe online payments. The system is supported both by Visa and Mastercards and has the ‘Verified by Visa’ application for Visa cards and ‘SecureCode’ application for MasterCards.

About 3D Secure service:

  • It is very simple to sign up to the system.
  • If the bank issuing your credit card supports the 3-D Secure service, you can sign up to the system either prior to the purchasing transaction or through the 3-D Secure window that will pop up during the transaction.
  • During the sign up, you will be asked to create a password and a personal message to be used only for 3-D Secure transactions.
  • After the sign up, you can continue and complete your shopping transaction in a fully safe manner.

How to use the 3D Secure service:
  • In order to purchase a ticket through the online ticket tab on THY web page, you need to enter your flight, passenger and credit card information.
  • For approval of the credit card transaction, the pop-up window appearing on the screen shows the personal message that you have entered previously to be used for your 3-D Secure transactions. This message confirms that the transaction is approved by your bank.
  • You need to enter the password for your 3-D Secure transactions in the relevant field on the screen.
  • Following verification of the password, the transaction is finalized upon the approval of the bank.
  • The payment transaction is thus completed in a safe manner and the card holder returns to THY web page.
  • 3D Secure procedure may change for different banks.
Passengers With Disability

We suggest that our passengers arrive in the airports at least 1 hour before domestic flights and 2 hours before international flights so their flight transactions can be completed on time.

The cabin crew unfortunately cannot help you during the flight in matters related to breathing devices, food, monitoring medication and restroom needs. However, they will assist you on opening of your meal cover and utensils in plastic bags, and on your way to the door and back if you need to use the lavatories.

Our ill passengers:
  • Ill passengers that have obtained a report from the "There is no obstacle to travel on an aircraft" from the airport physician or other physician that are treating them are permitted to travel on board Turkish Airlines flights.
  • This report compiled not later than ten days prior to the flight must be written in both Turkish and English languages.
  • Passengers in need of care during the flights may only fly accompanied by their attendants.
Our Visually Impaired and Hearing Impaired Passengers:
  • No medical reports are requested from visually impaired and hearing impaired passengers and they may travel unaccompanied. However, passenger with both visual and hearing impairments must travel attended.
  • Guide dogs are accepted into the cabin free of charge after their reservations are made. Dogs attending passengers with their disabilities are allowed into the cabin without being placed in a cage. The dogs must be clean, muzzled and they must sit in front of passenger and or under neat the seat. The guide dogs accepted on board must have a valid health certificate, identification, vaccination documentation and other documentation required by the laws of the country that is traveled to.
Our passengers with Limited Movement Ability:
  • No reports are requested from passengers with disabilities, however, passengers with disabilities that cannot use the lavatories unattended or those with disabilities that prevent them to exit the aircraft by themselves if needed are not allowed to board the aircraft unattended unless they claim self sufficiency.
  • Reservations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the flights for patient bed requests. You may obtain information for flights departing in less than 24 hours from our reservation units.
  • A separate check-in counter is found in the Ataturk Airport for our disabled passengers. Disabled passengers are given priority in other airports.
Who Isn’t Allowed to Board the Aircraft?
  • Passengers who need to use electrical or pressurized equipment during the flight (Except for oxygen tubes and portable respiratory equipment supplied by Turkish Airlines). However passengers may bring their own portable oxygen concentrators, CPAP machines etc as long as the device is FAA approved and passengers are responsible to have enough battery for the duration of the flight.
  • Passengers who have had asthma attacks before the plane's doors have been closed,
  • Newborn infants who have been born within the last 48 hours,
  • Passengers with contagious diseases during the communicable term of their disease are not allowed to board the aircraft under any circumstances.