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Billund flights

City Guide : Billund

Although it is considered as within the Region of Western Denmark of the country, Billund-which is approximately at the center of Jutland Peninsula-, is one of the places that attract the most number of tourists in Denmark. The contribution of LEGOLAND to the city's popularity is certainly very significant. Because of that, it is one of the top places to visit as a family. Almost every year, the number of visitors reaches 1.5 million. Aside from the game park, the area of which is approximately 100 thousand square meters, there are many beauties to be discovered all around the region. Billund has managed to add important cultural centers such as a library, theater, and show room in its small appearance. Billund stands out with its very low unemployment rate as well. There are more than 400 businesses within the central region, which is as big as a town, and every morning approximately 5.000 people come to Billund from other residential areas just to work.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    LEGOLAND,which has changed Billund from a town unknown until 30 years ago, plays the most determinative role in the city's destiny. Because of it, commerce and tourism continue with dizzying speed in the city today. It is stated that more than 45 million LEGO pieces are used in total in the park. This game area, where creativity meets fun, provides hundreds of opportunities to discover and include attractions, shows, and tours. LEGOLAND, which was opened in March, can be visited through October.
    Although it is quite rare, there is an opportunity to see the region from the air. Thanks to short flights known as “Billund Rundflyvning” you can explore the region from above.

    Both Billund and all surrounding residential areas are surrounded by quite an impressive natural area. In addition to shopping, artistic events,visits to the museum, and visits to the zoo, an exploration of nature should be noted as a stop on your itinerary in and of itself.

  • Culture & Entertainment

    Billund Kirke, which is a very interesting church, was built in 1973. It can be visited as part of the cultural center called “Billund Centret.” Also within the cultural center, there are also a library, theater, and a very beautiful cafe.

    Givskud Zoo, located not far from the city center of Billund, is another entertainment stop. In this zoo, the interior of which is designed as a safari area, there are more than a thousand animals belonging to more than 120 species which were brought in from all parts of the world.

    Vejle Konstmuseum is an art museum where art-lovers must definitely stop by. It awaits curious visitors as 16-18 Flegborg.

    Jelling region, which is on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites, is located just 20 km east of Billund. A visit to the region to see the mounds and gravestones with runic writings on them will, in fact, provide you with a historical journey into thousands of years ago.

    Grene Sande, a unique natural area, is a region characterized by sand dunes and shrubbery. It awaits those who wish to explore such a natural contrast way up north.

  • Food & Drink

    Although it is not immediately recognizable from the outside, there are beautiful restaurants serving delicious dishes and have a surprising variety to offer and cafes where you can have a nice time at; in many parts of the region.

    Vejle, a relatively larger area, stands out in terms of restaurant options, compared to other locations. You can not only try the Danish cuisine; but also opt for international dishes. Nordmarksvej can be noted as another location, which stands out in terms of food.

  • Shopping

    Although there are many places to shop at the center of Billund, those who want more, can opt for Kolding or Vejle, which is located 30 km away. In these regions, you can have an enjoyable shopping experience thanks to various stores on pedestrian-only streets. There is also a very large shopping  center in Kolding.

    Certainly, the LEGO brand has hundreds of items available for sale, which you can buy as souvenirs of Bullind; including not only toys, but also clothing.


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Ticket Sales Offices : Billund

THY Sales Billund
Address Billund Airport Departure Terminal
Phone +45 75 35 30 00
7/24 Call Center 33 14 40 55
Fax +45 75 35 30 03
Work Hours

Weekdays 09.00-17.00

Saturday 09.30-17.00

Address NordicGSA ApS Denmark - Kystvejen 32 - 2770 Kastrup, Denmark
Phone +45 32 500 126
Work Hours

Weekdays 08:00-17:00

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Phone Code : +45 ve 07533
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