Flashy And Cheap

One of Europe’s most popular cities, Berlin is right up there when it comes to shopping. Besides scores of department stores and boutiques, it also boasts several open air markets. Here are a few clues to shopping in the city…

Kurfürstendamm, Tauenzianstrasse and Alexanderplatz are where you can find all the famous brands aimed more at young people.

The antique market set up at the Tiergarten between 11 and 5 on weekends offers fabulous opportunities for handmade modern products and artworks as well as antiques.

Board the U8 underground line and get off at Weinmeisterstrasse in Mitte, one of the city’s major areas for boutiques.

When you’re tired of that, board the u2 to friedrichstrasse, where you’ll find the world brands and shopping centers.