• Valid Date Range: If you make a reservation through our website for a flight leaving minimum 72 hours before and maximum 355 days after your first flight, you can purchase your ticket at any Turkish Airlines sales office or you can finalize your payment and ticketing transactions through our website within the option time limit given automatically by the system.
  • Payments are only accepted in cash at Turkish Airlines Entebbe Office. Payments by credit card are not accepted. For further information please contact Turkish Airlines Entebbe Office by dialing +256 788 006 296.
  • Pricing: Fares may be subject to change until you finalize your ticketing transaction. The ticket fares are valid only in the departure country. If you buy your ticket in another country, the fares may differ depending on the season and the relevant fare rules.
  • Payment: To finalize your reservations for domestic and international departures, you can use the “Pay and Fly” link on our website. In addition, you can also finalize the Payment and Ticketing transactions for the reservations of your departures from Turkey through the web page of our partner banks.
Exceptional Cities/Ports
Basra (Iraq)
Birmingham (United Kingdom)
Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Dammam (Saudi Arabia)
Gothenburg (Sweden)
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Nagoya (Japan)
Naples (Italy)
Sydney (Australia)
Stockholm (Sweden)
Venice (Italy)