Quality Policy

Turkish Airlines hereby declares its Quality Policy, aiming to bring together the employees, customers, sub-contractors, investors, and all its partners and shareholders to meet a common goal for its future. This common goal will be met in accordance with national and international legislation and standards, as well as the principles of commercial ethics along with the corporate mission and values on passenger carriage, cargo transportation, maintenance and training activities, with a focus on total quality.

Searching for Perfection in Service

Every level that we have reached in our activities is merely the starting point for a new search for perfection.

Giving Priority to Safety and Security in All Our Activities with an Awareness of the Value of Life

Our well-equipped human resources strive for perfection with adequate facilities and advanced technology to ensure flight safety and security.

Displaying a Customer-Focused Approach

By taking cultural variety into consideration, efficient service is provided through the accurate assessment of the present and future expectations and needs of our customers. Customer satisfaction, recommendations, and complaints are thoroughly evaluated.

Creating a Difference Through Our Employees

Service is provided by our employees, who are aware of their ultimate impact on customer service, who adopt the corporate values, who produce solutions, who share information, who participate in team work and who continuously improve themselves.

Making Use of Advanced Technology

Technology that can provide an advantage over our competition is utilized.

Managing Resources

Provides all the necessary resources to ensure operational safety, security, and quality at the highest level and uses them appropriately.

Maintaining a Widespread and Well-Built Flight Network

Strives to be one of the world’s leading airlines with respect to its flight network, distance and hours, passengers and cargo quantities, aircraft fleet, and range of destinations.

Sustaining the Global Airline Identity

The product and services that have been provided and supplied are identified, audited and administered in light of the concept of sustainable quality.

Being Prominent in the World of Civil Aviation

An active and conspicuous role is performed in the management, activities and decision-making of national and international civil aviation organizations.

Acting with Awareness of Social Responsibility

Full support is given to projects that provide social benefits to education, culture, art, history, the environment, sports, and humanitarian support by providing resources directly or indirectly.

Collaborating with Our Business Partners

We work together with our agencies, shareholders, sub-contractors, and other investors for sustainable profits and the worldwide and continuous growth and success of our company in the long term.

Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

We aim to reach our targets in all our processes through the use of appropriate resources and at the first attempt.

Complying with the Quality Management System and Continuously Improving Its Effectiveness

Opportunities to improve the system are created through continuous review and a quality-focused, systematic, and well-defined approach to our organizational structure and activities.