Companion Tickets

Refakatçi Biletlere İlişkin Önemli Notlarımız

A unique service from Turkish Airlines…

When you fly with a revenue ticket with which you will accrue miles, anyone traveling with you can fly for free against fewer miles comparing the miles required for the award tickets. The ticket issued for this purpose is called a companion ticket and can be used only on Turkish Airlines flights.

There are two types of companion tickets in Miles&Smiles Program which are "Capacity Controlled Companion Tickets" and "Seat Guaranteed Companion Tickets".

There is a limited seat capacity for "Capacity Controlled Companion Tickets" and the reservation can only be made if the seats are available in the respective class.
The reservation classes are X (for Economy Class) and I ( for Business Class) for the "Capacity Controlled Companion Tickets’.
The required miles for "Capacity Controlled Companion Tickets" are lower than the required miles for "Seat Guaranteed Companion Tickets".
There is no seat limitation for "Seat Guaranteed Companion Tickets", meaning that you will be treated as a passenger traveling with a revenue ticket as soon as the flight is available. For seat guaranteed companion tickets, required mileage amounts will be considered depending on the travel dates either high or low season.
The reservation classes are X (for Economy Class) and I (for Business Class) for the Seat Guaranteed Companion Tickets.

How to use a companion ticket:

First of all, buy your mileage-earning revenue ticket with a confirmed reservation from any THY sales office or from your sales agent. Then book the companion ticket at the same THY sales office or sales agent, or at a THY reservation center, stating clearly that it is a companion ticket you require. Please remember to quote your Miles&Smiles Program membership number and other necessary detailed information while making reservations either for yourself or for your companion.

Possible extra charges (Airport taxes, duties etc.) are paid by the Member.

Companion ticket must be issued within the normal ticketing time limit after the reservation is confirmed.
The number of miles required for companion tickets is automatically deducted from your mileage account.
Companion tickets can be picked up from any Turkish Airlines sales office upon presentation of a valid identification card.

Important notes related to companion tickets:

  • Only one companion ticket can be issued for each revenue ticket.
  • Card holders and companion passenger must travel at the same outbound flight.
  • Companion tickets cannot be used on the code-share flights where Turkish Airlines is not the operating carrier.
  • If the member traveling with a revenue ticket is upgraded against miles, it is not possible to issue a companion ticket for this upgraded class.
  • Companion tickets can not be upgraded.
  • Ticketing must be done in accordance with normal ticketing time limits.
  • The number of miles required for companion tickets is same for adults and children.
  • Travel agents cannot issue companion tickets.
  • Companion tickets expire at the end of a one year period after issuance.
  • Mileage accrual is not possible for companion tickets.
  • Companion tickets are issued for a maximum 8 flight segments.
  • Same airport may not appear more than once in either the outbound or the inbound portion of the itinerary.
  • Reimbursement of miles for wholly unused award tickets is subject to a handling fee.
  • Date and time changes and re-routing (can be applied provided that the reservation is made for the same award zone and the same award class) are allowed against an additional fee. When requesting a reservation change on companion ticket, please remember to pay attention to the requirement of travel together with the member holding a revenue ticket either on the outbound or return flight.
Turkish Airlines reserves the right to change the award tables for companion tickets.

For companion tickets to different destinations in various zones, the number of miles needed for the higher mileage value zone will be deducted from the member's mileage account.

Only 1 stopover is permitted.

Companion Tickets cannot be issued online.