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Astana Special Offer / Departure City : Paris

All Inclusive

Departure Arrival Days Special Offer
Paris / Charles De Gaulle Airport Astana / Astana Airport
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Astana : Term for Special Offer

  • Departure Period: :

    26 January 2016 - 30 September 2016

    This promotion isn't valid between these dates : 30 June 2016-06 August 2016

  • Purchasing Period:

    26 January 2016 - 20 February 2016

  • Advance Ticketing :

    Tickets must be purchased within 1 day(s) after making your reservation.

  • Maximum Stay :

    1 month(s)

  • INBOUND BLACKOUT:14.08.2016-15.09.2016
  • Special offer is all inclusive (all taxes, fees and surcharges ) and subject to availability (due to limited seat capacity)
  • Special offer may change subject to currency fluctuation.
  • Rebooking, cancellation and refund terms is subject to class of ticket.
  • Turkish Airlines can change conditions of promotion
  • Other restrictions may apply depending on route and travel dates.
  • For further information/assistance please go to Turkish Airlines Sales Office or Call +90 212 4440849
Route Map: Paris – Astana Flight
Astana Flight Ticket

City Guide : Astana

Although Astana is the capital city, it is the second biggest city in Kazakhstan. The city took this duty over from previous capital city Almaata in 1998. Nowadays world wide famous architects are making trillions worth projects to make Astana the capital city of not only Kazakhstan but also Asia. The word of Astana means “the capital city” in Kazakh Turkish.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    Baiterek Tower is just an example of a newborn city’s beyond era architectures. Because of its similarity to giant lollipops it is called as “Chupa Chups” by Kazakhs. The tower is 105 meters high and serves a great view of the city. There is an art gallery, an aquarium and a restaurant.   

    Khan Shatyry is a huge transparent tent which is under construction. The tent is 150 meters high and 10 football stadium wide. The tent will have a shopping center which has a park, streets and a square, an artificial river, mini golf course and a covered beach. Although Astana is one of the coldest capital cities, the temperature will be kept stabile all the time.  

    Kazakhstan Presidency Museum is eye catching with its tomb like a mosque. Although there are exhibitions reflect the history of the country, the main center of the attention is the copy of the costume of the warrior Golden Adam which was normally in the east of Astana. The original costume has more than 4000 pieces of gold.  

    Atameken Map of Kazakhstan is an open air museum. There it is possible to see the miniature of the country. There are over 200 historical places’ miniatures in this museum which is located on a land of 1.7 hectares.  

    The Presidential Center of Culture of Republic Kazakhstan takes the immediate attention with its white colour and architecture. The blue tomb on top refers to the Turkish architecture. The museum has five floors where 143.223 pieces of goods are being exhibited on the subjects of archaeology, ethnography, carpets made of goat hair and fine arts. There are also Kazakh jewellery, equipments about horse riding, books, weapons and important photographs. The city also has a library with 700 thousand books.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    There are 130 different types of communities living in Kazakhstan. It is possible to see all the facts of the Turkish world from Uighur to Tatar, Bashkurt to Hakas, and people of Black sea to Ahiska Turks. The population consists of Kazakhs (a little more than 50 %), of Russians (30 %) and the rest is a mixture of other communities. Even so, peace and stability all over the country stand out. The leading role belongs to of course the economic and democratic improvements.   

    There are many good applications on living people’s own. In Kazakhstan people can live their own beliefs and worships freely which is a very positive application. All religious systems especially Islam, Christianity, Judaism can be performed comfortable. 

    There are two official fests in the country. The Independence Day is on December 16th the day of leaving the Soviet Union. October 25th is the Day of Republic. 
  • Food & Drink

    It is a little bit hard in Astana if you are a vegetarian. You will come up to meat in every type of dish. Meat, potato, rice and bread are the main ingredients in Kazakh cuisine.

    As traditional dishes “laghman”, meat pasty, rice, fivefingers, “shashlyk” deserve trying. Kazakh caviar which is accepted as one of the best in the world can also be tried in Astana. A kilo of caviar costs about 300 dollars but it is forbidden to take the caviar out of the country by tourists. 

    There are many choices apart from the local cuisine. Because Astana is improving and growing everyday, it chooses the foreign investments. That is why there is a wide range of different countries cuisines from Chinese to American, Italian and French. But the prices are fairly high. The common idea is; Astana is following Moscow on expensiveness. The cost of a dinner for two people in a not expensive restaurant can be over 100 dollars.
  • Shopping

    You can also see the local markets along with the shopping centers and big markets in the city. Because of the high prices it does not make sense to do shopping in Astana. But you can find the rugs, carpets, clothes and souvenirs special to Middle Asia in fairly cheap local bazaars.

Ticket Sales Offices : Astana

Address Turkish Airlines Inc. / Astana Address: 5 , Republic Ave. 01000 Astana - Kazakhstan
Phone +7 (7172) 570 849
Fax +7 (7172) 570 848
Work Hours

Weekdays 09.00-18.00

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

THY Station office
Phone 433-322
Fax 433-332
Work Hours

Tuesday 00:00 -05:00
Thursday: 00:00 - 05:00
Sunday: 00:00 - 05:00

Address Business Centre Rixos Almaty Hotel - Almaty, 050012, Republic of Kazakhstan
Phone +7 727 388 89 97
Work Hours  
  • Astana : Airport Information

    Astana Airport

    Address : Turkish Airlines Inc. / Astana Address: 5 , Republic Ave. 01000 Astana - Kazakhstan
    Phone : +7 (7172) 570 849
  • Astana : Airport Map Information

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  • Sat -11°C
  • Sun -13°C
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-9°C -2°C 11°C 20°C
-20°C -12°C -1°C 7°C
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Area : 248
Population : 600,000
Monetary Unit : Tenge
Phone Code : + 7 17
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