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Osaka Flight Ticket

City Guide : Osaka

Located almost at the center of Japan, Osaka is placed at the Yodo River on the Osaka Bay. Harmonizing the modernity and the convention, this Japanese city is derived from sea, nature, culture and modern integrals. Standing as one of the significant economy and business powers of Japan, Osaka is an alight city at night under the neon lights. The city is “the Capital of the Japanese Cuisine”. The shopping world of the city is mind-blowing.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    Osaka is an architectural, natural, cultural and historical paradise hailing the visitors by a smile on its face. The shrines, the terraced paddy fields, castles, the huge underground shopping worlds, Kita, Minami, the Bay Area and a great deal more give the visitors the thrills of their lifetime. Osaka is mainly composed of 8 outstanding areas.

    Kita is the center of the northern part of Osaka. Kita is the main business and retail region of the city. In addition to its unprecedented shopping areas; Umeda Sky Building, Osaka Temmangu Shrine, and Osaka Museum of Housing and Living are some of the attractions placed at this region.

    Nakanoshima Region placed between Dojimagawa and Tosaborigawa is the economic and historic center of the city. Most of the city banks are found at this area. Modern skyscrapers, historical museums and Neo-Renaissance structures stand side by side. Nakanoshima Park, Central Public Hall, Naniwabashi Bridge, Naniwa Church and a great deal of more attractions wait the visitors.

    Minami stands as the center for the shopping and entertainment world of Osaka. It is a paradise of extraordinary shopping areas, restaurants, dance venues and cultural centers.

    The Bay Area is the most vibrant tourist part of Osaka. In addition to its amusement parks and shoping locations, it hosts Universal Studios Japan, one of the largest ferris wheels and Kaiyukan (the Osaka Aquarium comprising 30,000 creatures).

    Osaka Castle Area (Tsurumiryokuchi) is the oldest inhabited part of the city. It is impressive by its historical attractions and greem oasises. Osaka Castle, the ruins of Naniwanomiya Palace, Ikutama Shrine, Osaka Busines Park, Tsurumiryokuchi Park and a plenty more highlights captivate tourists. Uemachidaichi, Tennoji and Tsuruhashi are the other three major and conspicuous parst of Osaka.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    Osaka has a dynamic and entertainment based culture. The long history of the city mostly shows itself in the mystic atmosphere of the city.

    Osaka is the place where Bunraku was born. Bunraki is a kind of puppet theater. Narration, three-stringed shamisen and puppets are the intgeral parts of this theater. The large puppets controlled by the puppeteers show the human-like expressivness. Bunraki is one of the best reflections of the Osaka culture. The National Puppet Theater placed at Minami is one of the major centers of this kind of theatrical performance. Shochiku-za Theater and NGK Theater are two of the other main theaters at the city.

    Osaka has many historically and culturally best museums. Doshomachi Pharmaceutical and Historical Museum, Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation, Osaka Science Museum, Osaka Maritime Museum, Suntory Museum and Mint Museum are some of these quality museums.

    The social life lived at Osaka is amply energetic. A great deal of cultural events are held in Osaka. Tenjin Matsuri, Toka Ebisu Festival, Cherry Blossom Festivals, Sumiyoshi Matsuri, Mido-Suji Parade and  Shinnosai Festival are among the major cultural activities.

    Osaka has a diverse entertainment life harboring something for everyone. Festival Hall, Osaka Koseinenkin Kaikan, Izumi Hall, Ishibara Hall and Recital Halla are just a few concert and music locations of the city. Opera, balet, concerts of different music genres are performed at these venues.

    Especially, Minami and the Bay Area are sumptuous entertainment areas in the city.
  • Food & Drink

    Osaka is one of the gourmet paradises of the Far East. Japanese, Western, Asian and Ethnic food is found at almost every restaurant of the city. The noodle eateries are popular. Desserts are the important components of the menu list of the city cuisine. At every point of the city, you will encounter a restaurant, pub, bar or cafe.

    Minami is one of the best places for every kind of delicacies served at best restaurants. In the vibrant atmosphere of this area, a great deal of dining and drinking places are existed. Minami Horie and Kita Horie areas are home to magnificent restaurants. Minami Senba is another place of restaurants offering a great range of dining opportunities.
  • Shopping

    Osaka is the paradise of a shopper. The city offers and endless number of shoppping opportunities from fashion, world famous brands, designer boutiques, technology products to local souvenirs, original clothes. The city is popular for its underground shopping malls and covered shopping arcades.

    Minami is one of the best parts for shopping. America-Mura and Miami Horie areas are the trendiest sections of Minami. Mido-Suji  Avenue, the widest street of Osaka, is the place for world famous desginer boutiques. Namba Nan-Nan Town is the first undergorund shopping mall of Japan. Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade, Doguya-Suji Arcade and Kuromon Ichiba Market are three of the other main shopping areas in Minami.

    Kite is the trendiest district of Osaka. It is home to the longest shopping street (2,6 km) of the city, the Tenjimbashi-Suji Shopping arcade. Most of the district’s train stations are interconnected by the underground shopping malls.

Ticket Sales Offices : Osaka

TK Airport Office – Osaka
Phone Japan Call Center:+81 3 3435 0421
Fax Japan Call Center:+81 3 3435 0422
Work Hours

Weekdays Reservation/Ticketing/Inquiries are only available over the phone:

Cargo Offfice
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  • Osaka : Airport Information

    Itami Airport

    Address : Itami Airport
    Phone :
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