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Tashkent Special Offer / Departure City : Paris

All Inclusive

Departure Arrival Days Special Offer
Paris / Charles De Gaulle Airport Tashkent / Tashkent Airport
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Tashkent : Term for Special Offer

  • Departure Period: :

    01 March 2015 - 19 June 2015

  • Purchasing Period:

    22 February 2015 - 30 April 2015

  • Advance Ticketing :

    Tickets must be purchased within 1 day(s) after making your reservation.

  • Minimum Stay :

    3 day(s) or Sunday (Return must start after 12:00 am on the first Sunday.)

  • Maximum Stay :

    1 month(s)

  • Special offer is all inclusive (all taxes, fees and surcharges ) and subject to availability (due to limited seat capacity)
  • Special offer may change subject to currency fluctuation.
  • Rebooking, cancellation and refund terms is subject to class of ticket.
  • Turkish Airlines can change conditions of promotion
  • Other restrictions may apply depending on route and travel dates.
  • For further information/assistance please go to Turkish Airlines Sales Office or Call +90 212 4440849
Route Map: Paris – Tashkent Flight

City Guide : Tashkent

Tashkent conquered by Russian Empire in 1865,became Turkistan Central Governership.It became Middle Asia’s crucial trade location with Tashkent-Orenburg railway in 1899.In 1917 Sepmtember,it was under Soviet dominance and in 1918 it became Turkistan Soviet Socialist Republic’s capital city.In 1924 it was a part of Uzbekistan Soviet Socialist Republic and in 1930 became this Republic’s capital city.From September 1st 1991,after the seperation of USSR,Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    It is possible to visit the city in a very cheap price with public transportation.You should absolutely visit Tashkent Metro which was opened in 1978 and it was that time’s one and only metro in Middle Asia.This metro was built in old Soviet style and important for its architecture.There are bus and minibus options except metro for transport.

    Mesjid,Kaffal Şaşi Mausoleum,Cuma Mosque ruins,Emir Timur Museum in which Timur Khan era pieces are exhibited and Timur Square are among the places to see.You can also see Painters Street,Tashkent Fine Arts Museum and Practical Arts Museum where you can find 19th century Works of art.

    Barakhan and Kokeltash Mdrasahs,Ali Şir Nevai Museum,Liberty Square can also be seen.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    There are lots of theatres,concert halls,cinemas and universities in Tashkent so it can be considered as Middle Asia’s Culture center.City was accepted as Paris of Middle Asia during USSR era.Because there are many streets which have luxurious and amazing stores.

    Saligokh is one of the sparkling streets of Tashkent.It starts from Amir Temur Monumnt and with its sculptures it is known as local Broadway.This street is ideal for visiting Russian-rooted stores,modern supermarkets,cafés and entertaining.

    Pushkşn Street with famous stores serves to visitors of the city.Many places that Tashkent people come together are in this street.Kakhara street with its Russian and Western style music making venues provides you wonderful and colourful nights.
  • Food & Drink

    Uzbek rice known as Plov is accepted as the most authentic food can be eaten in Tashkent.Similar to other Middle Asia countries,this plov is delicious with various spices,vegetables and meat.

    As in every other Middle Asia kitchens meat,kebab and pastry are the most common foods in Uzbek kitchens.The most famous kebabs are prepared by cooking sheep,calf or chicken meat on wood coal.

    Famous pastries are “samsa” patty and “non”.Non is a circle and bouffant traditional bread which is cooked in casserole.It is possible to taste these Uzbek pastries in Tashkent cafés.With these traditional tastes,Iran Square presents you the foods such as hamburger,pizza.Prices are relatively cheap.You can buy a menu consists of soup,salad,kebab,tea and bread for a few dollars.

    Uzbekistan is also known with its local fruits,vegetables and dried fruits.Especially,towards the end of the summer it is possible to see local lemons sold in every bazaar and street.These lemons are famous with their rich esence and they are cheap.
  • Shopping

    If you prefer local products rather than b,g and world-wide known ones,you can buy souvenirs while visiting Chorsu bazaar.Because people in Tashkent do ther shopping from bazaars,there are many bazaar fields in the city.Chorsu is the biggest of them and you can find things such as hand-made souvenirs,metal objects,traditional clothes,carpets for a lower price than other touristic stores.

Ticket Sales Offices : Tashkent

THY Sales Office - Tashkent
Address P.O.BOX 100017 A.NAVOI STR.11A
Phone +998 71 147 08 49 (Sales)
(998-71) 147 0 850 (Cargo)
Fax (998-71) 147 0 851
Work Hours

Weekdays 09:00-17:30

Saturday 09:00-13:00

TK Airport
Phone +998 71 281 5 958
Fax +998 71 281 5 958
Work Hours

Flight Hours

Address JV "ASD" Turkistan Str. 4. Tashkent, UZBEKISTAN
Phone +99 871 254 84 86 / +99 8711470850
Work Hours  
  • Tashkent : Airport Information

    Tashkent Airport

    Address : Tashkent Airport, Uzbekistan, 100167, Tashkent
    Phone : +998 71 281 59 58
  • Tashkent : Airport Map Information

Tashkent Hotels

Tashkent Info

  • Thu 17°C
  • Fri 21°C
  • Sat 24°C
Apr May Jun Jul
22°C 28°C 34°C 36°C
9°C 13°C 18°C 20°C
All for the Year Monthly Averages
Area : 15,300 km²
Population : 4.450.000
Monetary Unit : Uzbekistan som
Phone Code : +998 71
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