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Ufa Special Offer / Departure City : Paris

All Inclusive

Departure Arrival Days Special Offer
Paris / Charles De Gaulle Airport Ufa / Ufa Airport
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Ufa : Term for Special Offer

  • Departure Period: :

    01 February 2016 - 30 September 2016

    This promotion isn't valid between these dates : 01 July 2016-18 September 2016

  • Purchasing Period:

    01 March 2016 - 20 June 2016

  • Advance Ticketing :

    Tickets must be purchased within 1 day(s) after making your reservation.

  • Maximum Stay :

    1 month(s)

  • Special offer is all inclusive (all taxes, fees and surcharges ) and subject to availability (due to limited seat capacity)
  • Special offer may change subject to currency fluctuation.
  • Rebooking, cancellation and refund terms is subject to class of ticket.
  • Turkish Airlines can change conditions of promotion
  • Other restrictions may apply depending on route and travel dates.
  • For further information/assistance please go to Turkish Airlines Sales Office or Call +90 212 4440849
Route Map: Paris – Ufa Flight
Paris Ufa Flight Ticket

City Guide : Ufa

Ufa is the capital city of the Republic of Bashkortostan in Russia. It is located at the point where Ufa (Karayidere) and Belaya (Ağıdere) Rivers intersect. City of Ufa is one of the industrial centers in the Western Urals region. The name of the city, similar to its use in Turkish, means “small”. Hardwork is the norm in this city, which produces metal and electrical equipment, synthetic rubber, processed foods, oil refineries, and chemicals.

Ufa owes its development to two incidents: the reconstruction of industrial centers following World War II and the availability of oil reservoirs in the region. Three large oil refineries and a large petrochemistry industry are located in today’s Ufa.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    Ufa has the largest port in the Urals Region, from which transportation on Belaya, Kama, and Volga is done. There are 22 bridges located in the city. Kuibyshevskaya Railroad and Ufa Airport also support the transportation of cargo and passengers.

    The unique view of the Belaya River and its bridges as seen from the point where the monument dedicated to Salavat Yulayev, a national hero of Bashkortostan, is a must see.

    Ufa is a city with mosques due to its Muslim Bashkir and Tatar population. One of the most beautiful and impressive mosques can be seen in Chernikovska, a suburb of Ufa. The hundred year old Ufa Mosque located in the city center is another place of worship you can go to. 

    Slavic and Turkish ethnic cultures can be observed in the city’s daily life and its occasional festivals. 10 institutes, affiliated with the Russian Academy of Sciences, were established in the city. Botanical gardens and an archeology and ethnography museum preserve and display the region’s natural and cultural heritage.

    National Museum of Bashkortostan, founded in 1864, is a long standing museum containing more than 120 thousand items. A  journey to neolithic periods can be made in this museum, located on Sovetskaya Street.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    Russian Academic Drama Theater of Bashkortostan, opened in 1861, is the first theater building. In this theater, located on Oktyabra Street, works of playwrights of Russia and the world such as Aristofan, W. Shakespeare, K. Goldoni, K. Gozzi, N. Gogol, A. Ostrovsky, A. Chekhov, and M. Gorky are put on the stage. Bashkir State Puppet Theater is another place of art, which was opened in 1932 and not closed even during difficult war years. The repertoire of this theater, which is also located on Oktyabra Street, is made of adaptations of Bashkir and Russian tales.

    Public Art Center was opened in 1945 in order to enable the peaceful coordination of cultural and educational institutions. This building, located on Gogolia Street, is a place where not only artists but also anybody who practice art as a hobby display their works and perform.

    Republic of Bashkortostan National Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1992 under the direction of Tagir Kamalov. The orchestra, located on Sovietskaya Street, is world-renowned.

    Bashkir State Academic Drama Theater is another long standing institution. This theater, located on Frunze Street became known by the name of M. Gafuri –Bashkiri writer- in 1971. State Art Gallery is named after painter Nesterov who spent his early years in Ufa.
  • Food & Drink

    Bashkiri cuisine resembles the characteristics of the traditional Turkish cuisine. Meat, dairy, and pastry products –especially cream- are commonly consumed. Besparmak (fivefingers) made of lamb, tumas, palma, kulamla, itle aşı (itle meal) are dishes that you should try. Pastries and tea are cornerstones in the cuisine, as always. Leninsky Street seems to be the place to go for dining in the city. Also, the streets Pervomaiskaya, Frunze, Letiya, Oktyabra, Kirova, and Mendeleeva offer different tastes and restaurants.
  • Shopping

    You can shop for all your needs in the long shopping center called Gostiniy Dvor, located on Leninsky Street. A supermarket and automated teller machines (atm) are available in the shopping center. According to the report prepared by Rostat (Russian State Statistics Service) Ufa is ranked second highest in terms of quality of life and income level; following Moscow.

Ticket Sales Offices : Ufa

Ufa Management
Phone Call center: +8 800 700 61 61 ( 7/24 toll free within Russia)
Fax +7 (347) 272 43 30
Work Hours

Weekdays 09:00-18:00

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

Closed on holidays.

Ufa Airport Office
Phone +7 (347) 229 52 05 / +7 (347) 229 52 12
Call center: 8 800 700 61 61 ( 7/24 toll free within Russia)
Fax +7 (347) 229 52 20
Work Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 06:00 - 11:00
Friday - Sunday: Closed
Saturday: 06:00:11:00

Address FF Cargo Services LTD. Off.504, 30 Kommunalnoy pr., Khimki, 141400 Moscow regıon Russia
Phone 00 7 495 648 6501
Work Hours  
  • Ufa : Airport Information

    Ufa Airport

    Address : Russia, Bashkortostan, 450501 Ufa district, Bulgakovo village, Airport
    Phone : +7 3472 29-54-45
  • Ufa : Airport Map Information

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Ufa Info

  • Sat 32°C
  • Sun 30°C
  • Mon 25°C
May Jun Jul Aug
13°C 16°C 18°C 15°C
6°C 8°C 9°C 8°C
All for the Year Monthly Averages
Area : 710.16 km²
Population : 1.021.500
Monetary Unit : Ruble
Phone Code : 00 7 3472
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