Northern Cyprus In Three Questions

Dazzling the eye with its stone houses festooned with bougainvillea and its vast, sand beaches, the Mediterranean’s third largest island is at its best in summer. Here are Northern Cyprus and its refreshing locales in three questions.

01-This 14th century castle in the town of Mağusa is one of the principal venues  of the 17th International Art & Culture Festival, which runs through July 15. What is the name of this castle?

A)    Hamlet Castle       B) Macbeth Castle
B)    Romeo Castle       D) Othello Castle

02 -Who is the world-famous comedian who is known to have loved sitting for hours on the wind-swept parapets of Girne Castle and gazing at the Mediterranean?

A)    Eddie Murphy     B) Jerry Lewis
C)    Jim Carrey         D) Peter Sellers

03 - What is the name of the island’s unique kebab, which is made by wrapping finger-shaped meatballs in the membrane that surrounds a sheep’s or goat’s stomach and grilling them over hot coals?

A) Şeftali kebab     B) Kayısı kebab      
C) Kiraz kebab      D) Elma kebab