General Rules

1.Fares are calculated in the currency designated for the country where the journey begins

2.Fares and Flight Types: Fares are only valid in the country where the journey begins. In the event that the ticket is purchased in another country, the fares may alter depending on the season or the fare rules. If you wish to purchase your ticket in a country other than the country of departure, please call your Turkish Airlines Sales Office. The fares for domestic flights in Turkey shown in Turkish Lira only apply for the tickets issued and sold in Turkey.

3.When you approve ticket purchases from our website for the flights departing from one of the cities listed below by using nonconvertible currency, the ticket amount will be calculated in EURO or USD and the ticket will be issued in EURO or USD. Your bank will be informed of the original ticket amount in EURO or USD. In situations where tickets are purchased using a credit card which is debited in a currency other than EURO or USD, the transaction amount in your credit card account may differ. THY does not assume any responsibility for such difference. 

Non-convertible destinations which tickets will be issued in EURO

Azerbaijan Baku, Nakhichevan
Belarus Minsk
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, Dubai
Bosnia Herzegovina Sarajevo
Bulgaria Sofia
Czech Republic Prauge
China Guangzhou, Beijin, Shanghai
Morocco Casablanca
South Africa Cape Town, Johannesburg
South Korea Seul
Georgia Tblisi
Croatia Zagreb
India Mumbai, New Delhi
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Israel Tel Aviv
Kazakhistan Almaati, Astana
Kyrgystan Bishkek
Kosova Pristina
Latvia Riga
Hungary Budapest
Macedonia Skopje
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Egypt Cairo, Alexandria
Moldova Chisnau
Uzbekistan Tashkent
Pakistan Karachi
Poland Warsaw
Serbia Belgrad
Singapore Singapore
Sudan Khartum
Tajikistan Dushanbe
Thailand Bangkok
Tunus Tunus
Turkmenistan Ashgabad
Oman Muscat
Yemen Sanaa

Non-convertible destinations which tickets will be issued in USD

Albania Tirana
Brasil Sao Paolo
Iraq Baghdad, Erbil
Iran Meshed, Tehran, Tebriz
Qatar Doha
Kenya Nairobi
Lebanon Beirut
Nigeria Lagos
Syria Damascus,Aleppo
Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Simferopol
Jordan Amman

As part of the online transaction process for tickets purchased via our website or mobile app, the final cost of your fare is recalculated at the time of payment. In the case of any changes resulting from fluctuations in the foreign exchange reference rate, no claims can be made against our Partners.

5. Since the international civil aviation language and the database of the automatic fare calculation system is in English language, the International flight fares cannot be viewed in Turkish language.

6. Maximum number of passengers and flights: The bookings done through our website allows you to book for only seven passengers (for international flights)/ nine passengers (for domestic flights)  and six flights at a time.

7.Ticket Reissue : Date and origin/destination changes for online booked tickets can be done through the website only for domestic flights in line with the conditions set forth under “Ticket Reissue” heading. If you wish to make reservation and flight type changes for international flights, please contact Turkish Airlines Sales Offices.

8.Turkish Airlines reserves the right to change the aircraft type and seating options.