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City Guide : Amsterdam

Amsterdam takes its name from the Armstel River springing from the south-east of the city and flowing into the North Sea. Turning out as the most crowded city, with a population of nearly 750.000, of Netherland, Amsterdam is the capital of the country although the Netherland government holds state in the Hague. Amsterdam divided into many islands through the network of worldwide famous waterways was constructed as a fishing village at the outskirts of Amstel River in the 12th century. Amsterdam is included within the top ten tourist cities of Europe. It accommodates over 3,5 million visitors every year.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    Greenery, water, the extraordinary nature, the historical buildings and sites mostly from the 17th century are the constituents of the phenomenal and marvelous facet of the cosmopolitan Amsterdam. The libertarian character and the charming atmosphere of Amsterdam make the city a magnet for international visitors.

    Amsterdam is really an extraordinary city being full of potentialities waiting for you to be experienced. Water is, not exaggrating, the most glorious aspect of Amsterdam. While a quarter of the city land is composed of canals, waterways and lakes the city is located on a soft ground. Because of having too many canals, Amsterdam appeared to be known as the Venice of the North. Prinsengracht, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Singel are the main city center canals. Also, Brouwerscgaht, Bloemgracht and Leliegracht are only a few of the smaller and pleasant ones.

    Amsterdam is the sole city basing on a system of dikes and dunes as a consequence of staying below the sea level. This system leads Amsterdam to be a floating city. The city center is composed of, do not be perplexed, ninety islands connected to each other through specific bridges. The city is stuffed with all models of houseboats. Lots of people are unbelievably using these boats as their actual homes.

    The leading tourist attractions are the museums, more than fifty, within the borders of the city. Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museums are the most popular ones visited by hundred thousands of visitors ever year. Rijksmuseum among them is the largest museum of the city in the sense that the enormity of its collections, the extent of its complex, its budget and its staff of 400 people is not something easily encountered.

    Artis Zoo at the center of the city is the oldest zoo in Amsterdam established in 1838. It is pretty a fascinating zoo with an area of 10.000 m2. There are almost 8000 animals of 700 species of animals in the zoo.

    Hortus Botanicus, Vondelpark, Westerkerk Church, Oude Kerk Church, Begijnhof Garden, Magere Bridge and Dam Square are all only small fractions of the magnificient atmosphere of the city.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    As a cosmopolitan city, Amsterdam harbors an excessively diverse demography. The inhabitants enjoy quite different backgrounds, art and culture. Actually, the city regard this condition as a positive reflection of social and urban development. Arts, sports and night life are the integral parts of life in Amsterdam. Cinemas, theaters (14.000 theatre performances every year), contemporary art and design reflect the intellectual life you will encounter in Amsterdam. The modern city is regarded as sports capital.

    Live music, especially classical music and opera, is a tradition in Summer. It is the sound emerging from the colorful living in the city.

    Leidseplein is one of nightlife centers of Amsterdam including theatres, lots of cafes, restaurants, cinemas, the casino, the Lido theatre with live entertainment. Paradiso and Melkgew music centers are at Leidesplein.
  • Food & Drink

    The culinary side of Amsterdam offers an international mixed tastes to inhabitants and the visitors via its rich menu. Even the food in Amsterdam is not far beyond the standard, Dutch cuisine is based on meat and potatoes, you will be amazed by and live the difference at the restaurants of the city. French, Italian, Asian, Mexican, Chinese and more cuisines are existed to offer a wide range of alternatives to your taste.

  • Shopping

    Amsterdam is an unprecedented location for any explorer or shopper. Neighborhoods, diverse city shops and urban sports stores are at your service all times. In addition, many roads closed to cars provide jaunty shopping.

    All the department stores and malls are near the Dam Square. If you are a famous brands fan you should go to De Bijenk. De Bijenkof including up-market luxury departments is the best choice for shopping. It is the biggest department store of the city that you should not miss. Kalverton Shopping Center located at the back of Kalverstraat (the main shopping street of the city) sells famous brands, general goods, cosmetics, watches, musical goods and more. Bonneterie, Magna Plaza, Metz&Co are among the many other large shopping centers of Amsterdam.

    Eastern Docklends, Jordaan, Straatjes, Westerpark, Westergasfabriek ve De Pijp all are the places containing shops of traditional, local and international alternatives, boutiques and more.

It’s Addictive

When you board the train for Amsterdam after the hectic bustle of Schiphol Airport, you will breathe a sigh of relief. But don’t be fooled by the idyllic pastoral scenes as you take in the suburbs through the train window! In a little while you will reach the world’s most dynamic city, where life never slows down 24 hours a day. Amsterdam has a texture that harbors associations with several other cities in Europe. Reminiscent of Venice with its countless canals and the bridges, of Paris with its lively art scene, and of London with its academic strength, it takes a backseat to none. And with its squares and museums, this little city will draw you in and offer you a big world to explore.

Legend has it that the soil on which Amsterdam was built was once marshland. Following extensive efforts, the Dutch, a large portion of whose country is below sea level, succeeded in draining the marshes and developing their magnificent city.

It is possible to see canals in many European cities, but with 165 of them Amsterdam is a city so rich in canals as to rival Venice or St. Petersburg. It’s possible to stroll through almost all of this city with its rather dense canal network without ever touching the ground. You can also take an enjoyable Amsterdam tour through the canals, on one of the open-top or the glassed-in tour boats, and see the city’s gaily painted houses and other characteristic architecture.

Situated at a point where the city’s main centers intersect, ‘the Dam’, where the heart of Amsterdam beats, is lively every hour of the day. Street artists in unusual costumes liven up this square with displays and choreographed dancing. You can also have your picture taken here with an array of characters from pretty Dutch village girls on stilts with sun-yellow braids to real princesses and black knights. A small tip is all that’s needed for a fun, smiling faced photo.

In many ways Amsterdam is a perfect world city. One of the best examples of this is its choice of world cuisines. If you are a gourmet eager to try different tastes, you’re going to find a lot of alternatives in Amsterdam. Besides select examples from Indonesian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian and French cuisine, you can also find unusual flavors in venues serving Greek, Arab, Iranian and Latin American specialties. From French fries and pizza to Turkish ‘döner kebab’, Lebanese falafel and Chinese noodles, treats of all kinds are waiting to satisfy your hunger at the tiny stalls in the city center. And for those who miss the tastes of Turkey, the city boasts plenty of Turkish restaurants and snack bars to boot.

Amsterdam is also home to the flower market described by Turkish pop singer Mazhar Alason in his song that goes, ‘I bought you yellow tulips from the flower market’. Holland is one of a handful of countries in the world that are big in the flower business. The country’s richness in this respect is evidenced by the hundreds of fascinating varieties found in the city’s famous flower market, whose insect-eating plants, lovely yellow sunflowers, and endless array of exotic bulbs and seeds make it one of the city’s must-see sights. And the first thing that springs to mind at the mention of bulbs is the fire-red tulip, symbol of love immortalized in verse.

Tulip bulbs first traveled to the Netherlands during a period of intense commercial relations with the Ottoman Empire. So popular was this bewitching flower in Holland that the country experienced a period of ‘tulipomania’ in the 17th century when houses were bought and sold and commercial agreements drawn up in tulips. Although this tulip madness and its dramatic impact have abated today, the tulip is still among the most prominent symbols of the country and its economy.  Produced in a variety of colors and species, tulip bulbs are sent from all over Holland, mainly from Amsterdam, to the four corners of the world. Tulips carpet Holland every year in April in a magnificent rainbow of colors. An interesting place to visit, Amsterdam’s Tulip Museum tells the story of this flower’s fascinating journey from Central Asia to the Seljuks and Ottomans and from there to Holland. Together with its Tulip Museum, Amsterdam, Dutch capital of art and culture, has a sizable number of other museums large and small.

Amsterdam is a city that will make museum going enjoyable even for those who don’t normally find it attractive. The area called Museumplein, quickly reached by an enjoyable stroll from the Dam, plays host to works by Europe’s leading painters. And among world classics, you will never see more examples than at the Van Gogh Museum, one of Amsterdam’s most important cultural treasures. You will learn all the details of his life and work at this museum, which houses more than two hundred works by the great Dutch master. Two other museums worth visiting are the Rijks Museum, with primarily classical works of art, and the Stedelijk Museum, where works of modern art are exhibited. You can also pick up reproductions of your favorite works by the famous painters in the museum shops.

Known for the diaries she kept about her experiences in the Second World War, Anne Frank is a figure about whom books have been written and films and documentaries produced. The diary she kept of her years spent hiding from the Nazis in the rear of a building divided into front and back sections has been translated into fifty-five languages. This house, where Anne Frank penned the diaries that were discovered after her death, is Amsterdam’s most visited museum-house, with a long line of people waiting to get in at every hour of the day. If you would like to visit the house, purchase a ticket in advance to facilitate your access to the building.

Amsterdam center is a vibrant and extraordinary world city where life is lived in the fast lane. But outside the city center there is a tranquility that is the diametric opposite. Two story houses cheek by jowl with nature, in whose large gardens happy farm animals wander freely, and the windmills that symbolize a green Holland will all draw you into another world. These are also the regions where the tastiest Dutch cheeses are produced.

Ticket Sales Offices : Amsterdam

Airport Sales Office
Address Vertrek Passage 244,1118 AV Schiphol Airport AMSTERDAM
Phone Call Center : 00 31 (0) 20 405 96 36
Fax 0031(0)204059627
E-Mail amsinfo@thy.com
Work Hours

Everyday : 08.10-19.00 - 20.00- 23.00

TK Sales Office Terminal
Address Departure Hall 3, Schiphol Airport
Phone 00 31 (0) 20 4059636
Fax 00 31 (0) 20 4059627
E-Mail amsinfo@thy.com
Work Hours

Weekdays 08.30 - 00.00

Saturday 08.30 - 00.00

Sunday 08.30 - 00.00

THY Terminal Operation / baggage
Address Terminal West, Tower D, 7th floor, Office D-724, Schiphol Airport
Phone 00 31 (0) 20 4059624
Fax 00 31 (0) 20 4059633
E-Mail amsops@thy.com
Work Hours

Weekdays 08.30 - 00.00

Saturday 08.30 - 00.00

Sunday 08.30 - 00.00

Cargo Office
Address Anchoragelaan 30 1118LD Schiphol AMSTERDAM
Phone 0031 020 316 5014
E-Mail amscargo@thy.com
Work Hours

Weekdays 09:00-17:00

TK Cargo Amsterdam
Address Swissport-Schiphol
Phone 00 31 (0) 20 6549007
Fax 00 31 (0) 20 4059627
E-Mail amscargo@thy.com
Work Hours

Weekdays 09.00-17.00

TK Cargo (GSA)
Phone 00 31 (0) 20 6537100
Fax 00 31 (0) 20 6535504
E-Mail tk@globalairline.nl
Work Hours

Weekdays 09:00-18:00

THY Maastricht Cargo
Address Vliegveldweg 22, 6199AD BEEK Maastricht-Aachen Airport
Phone 00 31 (0) 43 3652868
Fax 00 31 (0) 43 3652884
E-Mail mstcargo@thy.com
Work Hours

Weekdays 06.00-14.00

Saturday 16.00-00.00

Sunday 16.00-00.00

  • Amsterdam : Airport Information

    Schiphol Airport

    Address : Luchthaven Schiphol Postbus 7501 1118 ZG Schiphol Nederland
    Phone : +31 207940800
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