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Casablanca flight ticket

City Guide : Casablanca

Casablanca, which is by the Atlantic Ocean side of Morocco, is the capital of “Big Casablanca” region. The scenes from the unforgettable Hollywood movie “Casablanca” has changed into a modern city long time ago. Casablanca accommodates the most important companies of Moroccan industry which has conquered its independency of from France in 1956. The statistics show that the country is in the center of the industry line. Casablanca Harbour, besides being the most important harbour in Morocco, is also one of the biggest artificial harbours in the world. Rabat is the capital city of Morocco but Casablanca can be seen as the capital of economy and business because of its improving tourism industry. Standing as a commerce city, Casablanca has a big port. The Marakech city of Morocco is one of the significant tourism centers of the country.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    Although it also hosts the modern buildings, Old City is the best place to observe the history of the city.  The King Hasan 2nd Mosque is fairly new and the biggest mosque in Morocco. The minarets of the mosque are the highest ones in the world. The temple is also open to non Muslim visitors.
    On The Corniche Avenue there are long beaches, swimming pools, cafés, restaurants and night clubs which are often visited by Casablanca residents. Anfa is a region which has gardens and flowered wide streets reflects the architecture of 1930’s. The big houses with swimming pools make the place look like California. 

    Down Town Casablanca keeps the spirit of being a residential area where 20th century’s architecture is practised. After being taken under French protection in 1912, Casablanca was the center of attraction for French, Tunisian, Andalucian and Spanish architects because of its rich sources of real estate.   

    The Sultan Mers Casablanca which situated in “Place des Nations Unies” region worth seeing as an example for great architectural heritage. Unfortunately there is no protection legislation for this place. 

    The Old Medina looks like it is under protection by the city walls that are also covers the coast. The earthquake in 1755 razed the old Muslim settlement to the ground. Three churches on the Tangier Street were built by Spanish Franciscans.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    Casablanca serves a wide range of entertainment choices, bars and restaurants stand out as the places you can have good time. It is possible to find clean and comfortable discotheques close to the Entertainment Park.  

    There are many Beach Clubs one after another on the beaches of the city which has shores to Atlantic Ocean. They are pretty nice, good-looking and well-kept. Because of the wavy sea there are many swimming pools filled with sea water. The wavy sea is of course a great treasure for the surfers.  

    Moroccan Jews Museum is and ideal place to get to know Jewish history and culture in Casablanca. The visit of the museum will be very informative about the social life of Jewish people in Casablanca. 
  • Food & Drink

    Because of being a passage for many cultures, Moroccan cuisine has a wide variety of food. Moroccan cuisine is accepted as a cuisine which contains the most different tastes on the world. The reason for that is its interaction with the world for centuries. In local dishes you can easily feel the specialities of Berber, Arab, Spanish and Jewish cuisines. 

    The main ingredients are sheep, beef, chicken and sea food in the Moroccan cuisine. Of course like in every North African country the spices have a big place in food. Almost in every dish the spices are being used for centuries. 

    The dishes which are cooked in casserole are called as “tanjine” same in Tunisia. The bread is also very important in Moroccan cuisine. They are both very nutritious and delicious.  

    The most common method to cool is to eat plenty of fruit in Morocco where the weather is pretty hot. The country is very rich for production of tropical fruit and vegetable special to Mediterranean Sea. Along with high production capacity of date, it also has a religious importance. Instead of cold drinks, usually mint tea is preferred to get cool.
  • Shopping

    Casablanca is not a place to go from shop to shop to buy things. The shopping in Casablanca is usually in street markets. The fabrics, clothes especially long capes are great Moroccan souvenirs. Moroccan porcelains, pottery, jewellery, silver objects, rugs, handmade carpets and scarf are the tops of the gift list. Shopping is generally cheap except the handmade things.
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Ticket Sales Offices : Casablanca

Phone 00212 522 464500 (3 HAT) Fas Call Center: +212-520 484978
Fax 00212 522 446261
Work Hours

Weekdays 09.00-17.00

Saturday 09.00-12.00

Sunday Closed

THY Airport Office - Casablanca
Phone 00212 522 538121
Fax 00212 522 538141
Work Hours

Weekdays 09.00-16.00

Saturday 10.00-15.00

Sunday 10.00-15.00

Address Angle Rue de Provins et Bapaume Casablanca Morocco
Phone +212 22 30 07 52
Work Hours  
  • Casablanca : Airport Information

    Mohamed V Airport

    Address : Office National des Aéroports, Casa-Oasis, BP 8101 Casablanca, Morocco
    Phone : +212 22 539 040
  • Casablanca : Airport Map Information

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Area : 324 km²
Population : 3.1 milyon
Monetary Unit : Moroccan Dirham
Phone Code : +212 22
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