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Dusseldorf flight ticket

City Guide : Dusseldorf

Located at the west of Germany, Düsseldorf is the capital city of the North Rhine-Westphalia State of Germany. The city is located on the River Rhine. It is famous for its fashion and trade fairs. Düsseldorf is one of the significant cultural and economic centers in Germany and Europe.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    The historical and architectural highlights, the rich culture and profound shopping world are stunning. All the visitors will find something covering their curiosity.

    Being the former Rhine harbor, MedienHafen (Media Harbour) is constituted of the old and new. About 300 companies including media, communication, fashion, architecture, art and culture firms reside at this location. The old quay walls and rail tracks are preserved. MeidenHafen is home to majestic architectures constructed by Frank Gehry like world-class architects.

    The Historical Old Quarter of Düsseldorf is absolutely the top city destination that the visitors should visit. The old churches, quaint passageways, restaurants and bars are excellent constituents of the area. This quarter is home to the longest bar in the world.

    The city hosts many historical castles and palaces. Schloss  Benrath is the most famous place of Düsseldorf. It is home to many museums and rolling parklands. Kaiserpfalz (Emperor’s Palace), the Castle of Linn and Schloss Dyck Palace are some of the other best castles and places existed in Düsseldorf.

    Established in the 16th century Hofgarten is the first garden of Düsseldorf. It is excellent by its trees, ponds and fountains. The North Park, Bilk Rhein Park and Ostpark are among the other popular natural areas of the city.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    The artistic and cultural treasuries of Düsseldorf are infinite. The museums, theaters and art centers are excellent places for the curious ones.

    Düsseldorf is world-renowned by its art museums. Museum Kunst Palast, Stadtmuseum, Neanderthal Museum, Museum Für Naturkunde (Natural History), Aquazoo and Löbbecke Museum, Goethe Museum, Heinrich Heine Museum and a great deal more compose the museum city.   

    Kunstakademie (Art Academy), Kunsthalle (Art Hall),  Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen (Art Society for the Rhineland and Westfalen) and Kunstarchiv Kaiserswerth are among the best art centers of the city. Düsseldorf is home to more than 100 galleries.

    German Opera on th Rhine and Tonhalle  Düsseldorf are two of the quality performing arts centers of Düsseldorf. Popular musical performances are staged at the Capitol Theater (musical theater).

    Throughout the year, Düsseldorf Exhibiton Center is the location for above 40 trade fairs and exhibitions.

    Düsseldorf Carnival is one of the biggest cultural organizations of the city. Also, International Boat Show taking at Düsseldorf Exhibition Center is world-renowned.
  • Food & Drink

    Düsseldorf has a rich both internationally and locally rich culinary culture. At the best city restaurants, a great range of world-wide famous local palates and international delicacies are served up.

    The Rheinisch cuisine has world-famous delicacies. Düsseldorf mustard rib steak, Rhenish sauerbraten, mussels Rhenish style are among the internationally popular delicacies. Also,  Kartoffel  (grated raw potatoes fried into a pancake) and Erbsen (pea soup) are some of the most known local flavors.

    Düsseldorf is world-renown by its dark beer named Altbier. The city’s brewpubs are popular. Düsseldorf’s old quarter is filled with such venues and restaurants.
  • Shopping

    Düsseldorf is the genuine dream of shoppers. Shopping malls, flea markets, shopping districts and the Kö… You will, not an exaggeration, absolutely find more than what you look for.

    Königsallee (Kö) is the internationally most famous trademark of Düsseldorf. Completed in 1804, it is one of the most luxury boulevards in the world. This stunning boulevard is home to the branches of all the top designers, exclusive jewelers, antique shops, cosmetics, porcelain and a plenty more.

    Many shopping malls are placed at the city. Kö-Galerie, Stilwerk, and Schadow Arkaden are a few examples.

    strasse  is one of the best shopping streets in Germany. Many department stores, shops, the world-famous fashion chains, specialty boutiques existed here will allure you.

    More than 7,000 Japanese inhabits in Düsseldorf. The Japanese area located in and around strasse  evokes a Little Tokyo.
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Ticket Sales Offices : Dusseldorf

Düsseldorf City Office : +49 69 86 799 849
Address Graf-Adolf-Platz 1-2 40213 Düsseldorf Almanya / Germany
Phone Call Center : +49 69 86 799 849
+90 (850) 333 0 849
+49 (211) 385 426 0
Fax +49 (211) 382 158
E-Mail sales.dus@thy.com
Work Hours

Weekdays 08.00-16.30 / 12.00-12.30 (lunch break)

No Ticket Sales - For ticketing, booking, rebooking, cancellation issues, seat sellection or special requests please contact our call center

Düsseldorf Airport +49 69 86 799 849
Address Düsseldorf İnternational Airport Flughafenstr.120 Terminal C 40474 Düsseldorf Almanya / Germany
Phone Call Center : +49 6105 2972-0
Call Center: +49 69 86 799 849
+49 (211) 421 3388
+49 (211) 421 6648
Cargo: +49 (211) 421 673 54
Fax 49-211-479 19 70
E-Mail airport.dus@turkishairlines.de
Work Hours

Weekdays 05:45-08:00 / 09:00-18:00

Saturday 05:45-08:00 / 09:00-18:00

Sunday 05:45-08:00 / 09:00-18:00

For ticketing, booking, rebooking, cancellation issues, seat sellection or special requests please contact our call center

Mondial Airline Services +49 6105 2972-0
Address Wanheimer Str. 45,  40472 Düsseldorf
Phone +49 61052972-0
Fax +49 6105 2972 999
E-Mail info@mondial-air.de
Work Hours

Weekdays 09:00 - 18:00

Turkish Airlines Cargo
Address DUS-AIR-CARGO CENTER Frachtstraße 26, Eingang D-1.Etage 40474 Düsseldorf
Phone 0211 98431094
0211 98438930
Work Hours

Weekdays 09:00 - 18:00

  • Dusseldorf : Airport Information

    Rhein Ruhr Intl. Airport

    Address : Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH Postfach 30 03 63 D - 40403 Düsseldorf
    Phone : +49-211-421-0
  • Dusseldorf : Airport Map Information

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