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City Guide : Ljubljana

Ljubljana, the capital city, is the center of culture, economy, science, politics and management of Slovenia. The city, which is set up on Save and Ljubljanica rivers, between the Alps and Mediterrenian Sea, is just in the center of Slovenia. There are two different stories about the names of the city one of which is a derivation of the word of “sweetheart” in Slovenian. It is also believed that the name comes from the river called “aluviana” in Latin. It is well known that there was the city of Emona had set up by Romans in old times instead of Ljubljana. During the immigration of the tribes the city has been demolished and then it is reconstructed by the management of Bavyera Herzogturm as a city of colonies. That is why the majority of the population were speaking in German since the end of middle age. The city which was a part of Yugoslavia between the years of 1918 and 1991, after Slovenia was established the city became the capital city.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    The best way to see the city is to go to the Ljubljana Castle. There is a special observatory tower in the castle. A tour in the city feels like passing through architectural history. It is a big pleasure to walk among the architectures from Italian baroque, renaissance and art nouveau periods. The life in Ljubljana, at some points, is very similar to the life in Austria. Many cafés by the river and the musicians in the summer strengthens this atmosphere.   

    Ljubljana is famous with the buildings designed by a local architect Joze Plecnik.  Tromostovje bridge one of his most famous works. The stone bridge is the symbol of the city with its three floors. Also the Dragon Bridge, where the dragon statue which is the symbol of the city situated, is one of the best things to visit.   

    The town hall, the castle, old city square, the French Church in France Preseren square, National Slovenian Library, Zale Graveyard and the Tivoli Park are the top places to visit. 

    There is place where the local people meet at the weekends in the south of Sentjakıbski Bridge and the west of the terraces of Ljubljanica. The city bazaar is also a place worth seeing. Especially the second-hand market and the fish market around St. Nikolai Church are very popular.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    The culture is very important for Ljubljana the center of Slovenia. Slovenia is the only country celebrates a day called “Day of Kultarr” every year. Every year 14 international festivals, over 10 thousand cultural activities, concerts, theatres, shows are being performed in the city.   

    The first musical organization, Academia Philharmonicorum, hosted many important names since 1701. Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven and Johannes Brahms are some of the guests of this academy.

    One of the most original cultural places is an alternative stage called Metelkova. Academy students who are studying on theatre, radio and television and different artists are performing different shows on this stage. Metelkova also hosts many exhibitions, parties and such organizations. There are 15 museums, 42 art galleries, 11 theatres and approximately 150 libraries in the city.  

    Bars and restaurants, where live music can be listened, are the main parts of the night life. The cafés by the river are usually open late during the summer. It is possible to dance in the discotheques until the morning. Also there are very good jazz and rock bars. Electronic music parties are the most favourite.
  • Food & Drink

    Slovenia cuisine is a mixture of Balkan, Italian and Middle Europe dishes. Karst prosciutto which is one of the most famous dishes is made of pork leg. Štruklji is a type of traditional meat pasty filled with meat or vegetables. Žganci is a type of rice made of buckwheat. Most common Slovenian dish called potica is a type of dessert made of fermented dough filled with walnut. Apart from these dishes there are many restaurants serves different cuisines.
  • Shopping

    In Ljubljana, which is middle sized European capital city, different kinds of clothes made by famous brands and local designers could be bought. Also glass, crystal items and antiques could take the attention of buyers. It is possible to find almost everything in the city center, the biggest shopping center is outside of the city. The shops are open from 8.00 am until 7.00 pm. They are open until 1.00 pm on Saturdays and closed on Sundays. 
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Intersection Of Four Countries: Maribor

One of Slovenia’s two big cities along with the capital Ljubljana, Maribor is a major center of culture and communications. The Old Town in this city watered by the Drava River is brimming with buildings from the Middle Ages. Home to a vibrant cultural life with its university, major museums and art galleries, the city also boasts a theater going back to the 18th century. Meanwhile the hills to the southwest are covered in vineyards. One of the city’s most impressive structures, the Municipal Building has a sculpture in front of it commemorating those who lost their lives in the tuberculosis epidemic that swept Europe in the 17th century. Maribor Cathedral is another must-see sight at the heart of this city known for its narrow streets and old bridges. Situated at the intersection of the borders of Austria, Hungary and Croatia, Maribor has been enriched by diverse cultures throughout its history.

• Maribor Castle
• Maribor Puppet Theater
• Maribor Regional Museum

Among the many events planned in connection with Maribor’s being a European Capital of Culture is the Lent Festival, June 22 to July 7. www.maribor2012.eu

Ticket Sales Offices : Ljubljana

Ljubljana Airport Office
Address Post Office Box 76 Zg. Brnik 130a4210 Brnik-Aerodrom Slovenia
Phone 00386 235 55 55
Fax 00386 235 55 56
E-Mail For operational issues ; ljustationmngr@thy.com
For ticketing ; ljuticketing@thy.com
For marketing issues ; ljumarketing@thy.com
For customer relations; customer.si@thy.com
Work Hours

Monday: 07.00-11.00 - 18.00-20.30
Tuesday: 07.00-11.00 - 18.00-20.30
Wednesday: 07.00-11.00 - 18.00-20.30
Thursday: 07.00-11.00 - 18.00-20.30
Friday: 07.00-11.00 - 18.00-20.30
Saturday: 07.00-11.00 - 18.00-20.30
Sunday: 07.00-10.00 - 18.00-20.30

Address ASN storitve Letalskih Prevozov, d.o.o. Zg. Brnık 130A, aerodrom Ljubljana
Phone 00386 4 236 77 50
E-Mail ljucargo@thy.com
Work Hours  
Ljubljana City Office
Address Slovenska Cesta 47, 1000 Ljubljana-Slovenia
Phone 00386 235 55 55
Fax 00386 235 55 56
Work Hours

Monday, Friday: 09:00-17:00

  • Ljubljana : Airport Information

    Ljubljana Airport

    Address : Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d., Zg. Brnik 130a, SI-4210 Brnik-aerodrom, Slovenia
    Phone : +386 4 20 61 981
  • Ljubljana : Airport Map Information

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