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Zagreb flight ticket

City Guide : Zagreb

Located at the northern Croatia on the Sava River, Zagreb is the capital and the most populous city of Croatia. Being the seat of the Parliament, the President and the Government of the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb is the political, administrative, economic, cultural and scientific center of the Republic of Croatia. The Capital is placed at the intersection point of significant routes connecting Adriatic Sea and the Central Europe.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    The Upper Town garnished by the Baroque architectures, public monuments, architectural monuments, museums, green environments and fountains are all the constituents of this one of the top tourist destinations in Europe.
    Zagreb Cathedral is one of the top attractions in the city. This monumental structure is a Gothic architectural work.

    St. Mark's Church is a colorful three nave type structure built at the end of 13th century. The church is one of the genuine churches at this section of Europe.

    Zagreb Museum (Muzej Grada Zagreba) placed at the Convent of St Clair from the 17th century displays the history of Zagreb via artworks, crafts and documents. Archaeological Museum and Mimara Museum are among the other fundamental exhibits of the city.

    The city has many parks and the other greenery areas. Botanical Garden, Opatovina Park, Ribnjak (Pond) and Maksimir Park are some of the main parks of the city.

    Medvednica (the Nature Park) is a mountain at the north of Zagreb. This wonderland has an area of 228 km2 63% of which is covered with forest. The park comprises many trails, a great deal of birds living inside, mountain houses, historical monuments and various plants.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    Zagreb has a wealthy cultural and artistic accumulation. A great deal of theaters and concert halls are existed in the city. In addition, a plenty of cultural events are the best reflections of this cultural richness.

    All the theaters placed at the city have their own repertoire. Ballet, opera, musicals, comedies, dramas, puppet shows and contemporary plays are all staged at these theaters. Croatian National Theater built in 1895 is the most significant theatrical center of Zagreb. All kinds of performing events, congresses, meetings accompanied by a splendid decor are held at this magnificent stage. Exit Theater, Kerempuh Satirical Theater, Mala scena Theater, Gavella Drama Theater and Zagreb Puppet Theater are some of the other major theaters of the city.

    Throughout the year, unending theatrical events and concerts are organized in Zagreb. Vatroslav Lisinski is the main and the world-renowned concert hall of the city.

    Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra and Zagreb Croatian Orchestra (Zagreb Quartet) are the worldwide popular companies promoting the Zagreb music to the world.

    World Festival of Animated Films (Animafest), Music Bienniale, Croatian Pop Music Festival (Zagrebfest) and the Day of the City of Zagreb on the 16th November of every year are among the main cultural events of the city.

    Zagreb nightlife is as dynamic as another capital in Europe. Beer halls, night clubs, casinos, clubs, cocktail bars, discotheques, jazz clubs, cafes and pubs overflow in Zagreb.
  • Food & Drink

    Zagreb cuisine has a rich and tasty menu of international and domestic palates. The city's culinary culture behaves towards the Mediterranean cuisine in a dainty way. Zagreb's gastronomic world is popular with its cake-shops and coffee houses.

    Paprenjak (spiced biscuits) is a kind of traditional cake which is mostly hearth-shaped. Zagreb steak (veal stuffed with cheese and ham) is peculiar to the city. Purica s mlincima (turkey with pasta), Zagreb gablec (wine tripes, stewed vegetables made of leek, sweet together with minced meat), krpice sa zeljem (pasta with roasted cabbage), kotlovina (stewed meat), strukli (a kind of sweet) are among the main traditional delicacies of the city that you should definitely taste.
  • Shopping

    You will witness a great deal of boutiques (especially wine boutiques), shops, shopping centers and souvenir stores in Zagreb. Quality clothes, pillows, wines, cakes, straw baskets and crystals are the main gifts that you can take with you when leaving the city. The wine boutiques of the city offering top quality wines are popular.

    There are a plenty of shopping malls at the city. Arena, Avenue Mall, City Center, Kaptol Center, West Gate, Garden Mall. are a few examples from the fundamental malls in Zagreb.
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Croatiıa Opportunities On The Rise

Under the new agreement, both airlines will be able to sell tickets on the IST-ZAG (reverse) route without seat restrictions. Thanks to the agreement, more flight alternatives can now be offered due to Croatia Airlines' new direct flights to Zagreb, where our Company already flies seven times a week. Croatia Airlines will also be able to use the TK code on tickets to Dubrovnik and Split, to which we do not have flights.

Three airports in Turkey are currently undergoing repairs. Adıyaman and Mardin Airports will be temporarily closed for runway work from June 15 to the end of the year, and Merzifon Airport from June 1 to September 1. Turkish Airlines' flights to these three cities have therefore been cancelled for the duration. Ticket sales will continue at all three airports' sales offices between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Passengers unable to travel due to the airport closures may obtain information from our sales offices on how to reach alternative airports.

Ticket Sales Offices : Zagreb

Turkish Airlines Sales Office
Address Trg Bana Josipa Jelacica 4/I 10000
Phone +385 1 4921 855
Fax +385 1 4921 853
E-Mail /
Work Hours

Weekdays 09:00-17:00

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

Turkish Airlines Airport Office
Address Zagreb Airport Ulica Rudolfa Fizira 1 10410 Velika Gorica
Phone 385 1 6265158
Fax +385 1 4562008
Work Hours

Weekdays 08:30 – 16:30

Works during flight times at weekends. Other days 09:00-21:00.

Sky Xs Air Cargo
Address Ulica Rudolfa Fizira 7 P.O.B. 27, HR-10150 Velika Gorica
Phone +385 1 6264 922
Fax +385 347 1 6264 923
Work Hours  
  • Zagreb : Airport Information

    Zagreb Airport

    Address : Zagreb Airport, Ltd. Pleso bb, HR - 10 150, Zagreb Croatia
    Phone : +385 1 456 22 22/ +385 1 62 65 222
  • Zagreb : Airport Map Information

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Area : 650 km²
Population : 779.000
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Phone Code : 385 1
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