Privacy Policy

Özel Bilgilerin Gizliliği

The confidentiality of personal information is of utmost importance, and therefore Turkish Airlines guarantees that it will comply with the following guidelines

Usage of personal information

Information that is collected during the process of application is solely used for the purpose of establishing a Turkish Corporate Club Agreement. Any other use of personal information is strictly forbidden by Turkish Airlines’ policies.

Usage of personal information by third parties

Turkish Airlines reserves its right to transfer personal and company information to third parties in order to complete the application processes necessary for establishing corporate agreements. Again, Turkish Airlines guarantees the privacy of personal and company information that is collected for Turkish Corporate Club membership.

Privacy of personal information

Turkish Airlines utilizes all practical and proven methods in to prevent loss, modification, abuse, exposure and unauthorized usage of the data and information collected for corporate agreement purposes. It is our primary concern that all information supplied be used only for the purposes intended.