Planet (Audio Video On Demand)

The digital Planet (Audio Video on Demand) in-cabin entertainment system is in use on certain routes served by our A330,  A340, B777 and A321 (C/CL) -type aircraft. Passengers can select their program either from the panel in the arm of the seat or simply by touching the screen. Programs the Planet system fall into three categories: 'Information', 'Entertainment' and 'Communications'.

The Entertainment section includes a selection of  Classical, Feature, International and Children's films; a channel with short films including series, documentaries, travel, sport, fashion, food, technology and cartoons; and a CD album with Pop, 80s, Pop&Rock. Jazz&Blues, Classical Latin, New Age, Oldies, World Music, Classical Turkish Music, Nostalgic Pop, Turkish Rock, Modern Folk, Turkish Spiritual, Traditional Turkish Folk and Arabesque selections, as well as radio stations featuring Jazz, Pop, Traditional Turkish Folk and Classical Turkish Music, Easy Listening, New Age, Turkish Guest Artist and Turkish Pop music. Also available are a Game Channel with games for single or multiple players, a Children's Channel, Audio Books.

The 'Communications' section enables passengers to send and receive SMS/email, while the news channel presents world news in text format with economy, magazine, financial and weather report content. And on-line broadcast gives a weather report every four hours, and other news is updated on the hour- The 'Information' section includes the following choices; Fleet, Cargo, Turkish Airlines’ Frequent Flyer Program, Destinations Guide, Informative Guide to Turkey,  Airport Map, Flight Map, and Flight Camera. All passengers can watch takeoff and landing on two cameras mounted in the front and back of the plane.

Inflight Communication

Provides the opportunity for all our passengers to send SMS and e-mail to their relatives besides Telephone and Fax Service. Each SMS and/or e-mail fee is 1.60 USD and all our passengers in Business and/or e-mail by swiping a valid credit card to the system and approve charging amount of 1.60 USD both for to send and receive. When sending or viewing a received message, you will be informed of any potential charges and asked for a confirmation prior to your credit card being charged. If your message has not been sent from our on board server by the time the flight lands, you will not be charged for unsent messages. We can not guarantee delivery of e-mail and SMS messages.


Planet (Audio Video On Demand) Flight Ticket

Panasonic Handset Telefon

Telephone Functions The Handset provides telephone functions, complete with alphanumeric display, telephone, keypad and credit card reader. Telephone Services include Air-to-Ground and Seat-to-Seat calling. Make an air to ground call:

1. Push [power] to activate the telephone. The 'MAIN MENU' displays MAIN MENU options:
  • MAKE CALL (select to initiate an Air-to-Ground call)
  • CALL SEAT (select to initiate a Seat-to-Seat call)
  • LANGUAGE (select to change telephone language)
  • lncoming=ON (select to toggle incoming Seat-to-Seat calling ON or OFF - ON is the default)
  • FAX (select to initiate a FAX transmission)

2. Push the phone cursor up or down controls to select a menu option.
3. Select 'MAKE CALL' - push [OK] to begin a call.

CREDIT MENU - PLEASE SWIPE A CARD - message displays.
4. Slide credit card through card reader on the side of the telephone handset.
CARD NOT ACCEPTED - message displays if credit card is declined.

DIAL MENU - displays when the credit card has been accepted.

DIAL MENU options:

  • DIAL NUMBER THEN SEND (select to enter new telephone number)
  • REDIAL (select to redial last number entered)

5. Dial the full international number (up to 12 digits):
Istanbul = 00 90 212 463 63 00