VIP Tourism

VIP Tourism’s campaign presents a chance to earn extra miles to Miles & Smiles Program Members who are going on a vacation… Miles & Smiles Program Members earn a gift of miles for every vacation purchase they make with VIP Tourism…

VIP Tourism provides quality services while providing tours to destinations on 7 continents, vacations at exotic destinations, cruises on 5 oceans, resort vacations along the Turkish coasts, air inclusive vacation packages to Cyprus, interesting cultural tours and travel programs customized for individuals. VIP Tourism also provides vacations for every budget under its brand ekoVIP which carries value tours on a budget. Celebrating its 45th year, once again, VIP Tourism adds value to its vacations…

It is now possible to start getting your gift of miles for your vacations to exotic destinations, mind blowing vacations, joyful weekend trips in Europe, cruises on far oceans and even for the space experiences to start in 2014…

Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles Members purchasing products at VIP Tourism earn 100 miles for every 100 Euros they spend on tours or packages including flights with Turkish Airlines from Turkey to any destination they fly and 60 miles for every 100 TL they spend on domestic (within Turkey) vacation packages and accommodations booked in Turkey.

To benefit from the campaign “A Gift of Miles to our Guests for Every Vacation” who are Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles Members and for further details, please check or call +90 212 444 7847 to make your reservation. You can follow special applications and surprises on our web site or on our ads and announcements.

Terms and Conditions

  • Members booking with VIP Tourism will earn miles as follows:
  • 60 miles for every 100 TL spent on purchases in Turkey for domestic (including Cyprus) tours and hotel accommodations for leisure purposes i.e. excluding corporate bookings from Turkey to any destination
  • 60 miles for every 100 Euros you spend on tours or packages including flights  with other airlines from Turkey to any destination
  • In case there is a current discount applicable on a tour package or accommodation purchased, the amount of miles to be earned will be calculated over the discounted amount and after subtracting the taxes.
  • The miles to be presented to our Miles & Smiles Program member guests will be processed to appear on their accounts within one month following the completion date of their tour and/or travel program or the check out date for those who have purchased accommodations.
  • Mileage accrual does not apply to extra services purchased at hotels and during tours, the meals, daily tours, dinner tours, airline tickets, transfers and visa processing fees.
  • All miles earned through VIP Tourism by a certain individual will appear on that specific person’s own Miles & Smiles account. All accruals are individual.
  • The Miles & Smiles card owned by the traveling person has to be presented to VIP Tourism.
  • This mileage campaign is only valid if purchasing is made through one of these VIP offices: VIP Tourism Istanbul Harbiye, VIP Tourism Istanbul Trump Towers, VIP Tourism Istanbul Suadiye, VIP Tourism Ankara, Tourism VIP Antalya.