Trial By Fire

The Runfire Cappadocia Ultra Marathon tests the limits of the human body under conditions of nature. And it’s taking place in Turkey, July 20 to 27.

Run in blistering heat, the Runfire Cappadocia starts in Uçhisar and runs through the Valley of the Pigeons, passing Damsa Dam, Yüksek Kilise (Analipsis Monastery), Güzelyurt, Ihlara Valley, Mt. Hasan and the Salt Lake before crossing through Çavuşin and the Ürgüp and Göreme valleys and ending back in Uçhisar. A total of 245 kilometers is covered in the race, which takes six days. Runfire Cappadocia is a challenging endurance contest in which runners are pitted more against themselves and nature than against each other. 

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