A History Of Everyday Life In Pictures

Ozan Sağdıç is a photographer. He is also interested in literature. He has translated the rubâî's of Omar Khayyam and Rumi into Turkish, and he has turned the poems he has written into books. But neither of these things dominated his life like photography. The photographs he has taken since 1956 virtually document the different stages through which Turkey and its people have passed. And now for a history of everyday life in pictures, from Ozan Sağdıç.

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View of the artificial pond at Youth Park in Ankara, 1979

1- An itinerant photographer in Malatya, 1974
2- Children looking at a steam locomotive at Ankara Railroad Station, 1971
3- An ‘efe’ (irregular soldier from the Aegean region) from Aydın, 1972
4- Milas'ta anıtmezar kalıntısı ve parkta futbol oynayan  çocuklar, 1982
5- Erzurum Yakutiye Medresesi avlusunda dinlenen yaşlı adam ve ona arkadaşlık eden bir kedi, 1977

A whirling dervish ritual in the garden  of the Mevlana Museum, Konya, 1982