Second To None

Divriği Great mosque and Hospital on Unesco’s natural and cultural heritage list is a masterpiece, hands down. ıf you look closely, you will see why nothing more beautiful has ever been built since 1228.

Not To Be Missed

- Take a close look at the matchless reliefs that surround the mosque’s main entrance.

- The pulpit, made of ebony, will leave you awestruck by its workmanship.

- Don’t forget to visit the mausoleum at the northeast corner of the building.

- See the pool in the courtyard of the hospital on the south and experience for yourself the serenity of gurgling water. 

Only Known Work

Divriği Great Mosque was commissioned by the Mengujekid ruler Ahmet Shah, and the hospital by his wife Turan Melek, to the architect Hürrem Shah of Ahlat. Described by art historians as an architectural miracle, this unique structure is the architect’s only known work.


What: Mosque and Hospital
Where: Divriği (Sivas province)
When: 1228-1229
Date added to UNESCO list: 1985