Ticket Time Limit

Turkish Airlines calculates ticketing time limit automatically according to route and/or class and/or point of sale.
Right after the booking, please follow the time limit from the PNR as an automatic warning message indicating the time and date will be sent on the PNR.

If there is an ADVANCE PURCHASE/ADVANCE TICKETING rule exist in the fare and there is an extended time limit is given by Trophy system, please note that ALWAYS the MOST RESTRICTIVE rule applies.

If no ticket is sent till the end of given time limit, all segments in the PNR will automatically be cancelled by TK without a further notice.

Our Yield management department has a right to cancel the PNR without any notification, if no ticket is received till the given deadline.

For BSP Countries; TK only accepts TKNE (electronic) and/or TKNA (automatic) tickets. Tickets other than TKNE/TKNA will be considered as UNTICKETED. For that reason it has a great importance that the herewith IATA regulations be followed in order to assure compliance and avoid cancellations.

Trophy HL-KL Procedure

As of 16JUN10, there is a new application applied in Trophy System.
Only for the PNRs with FONE field, there will be a new time limit as IRC-1 will automatically be entered for the segments with KL status and such PNRs will be placed on Q/1 of the FONE field. Please keep in mind that the existing IRC-2 ticket time limit will still be applied.
The status code of the segments will be changed as DL if no action is taken within the given time limit.
Each KL segment will receive a seperate IRC-1 time limit, so that, it has great importance to follow each time limit.