Turkish Airlines Debit Memo/Booking Policy

Turkish Airlines endeavors to provide as much information as possible on an ADM for its reason.

Turkish Airlines shapes the proper utilization on general distributing systems in line with reservations and ticketing rules in order to protect agencies from penalty and sanctions applied by the airline and are binding for all IATA and non-IATA agencies. 

Agencies’ responsibility starts once they reach the Turkish Airlines reservations system. Agency employees are obliged to be knowledgable about Turkish Airlines applicable rules and workflow

All booking activities for Turkish Airlines flights are monitored by various robotic programs . Non-productive bookings have been subject to debit memos effective 27/FEB/2006,which reflected the segment / cancellation fee billed to TK by the GDS ,with an additional processing fee.

As of 03 October 2007 TK will charge 35 EUR flat fee to all booking practices listed in Article II-Booking Procedures . there may be some excemptions for some clauses, please review the document carrefully in order to be notified about the ADM amounts. We urge all  Travel Service Provider reservation staff to stictly follow procedures and regrettably non-compliance of these rules will result with debit to the service provider. Travel Service Provider will also be prohibited from selling Turkish Airlines inventory. 

Rules which are related to reservations and ticketing done by the agencies are indicated in 830d, 824, 850m instructions of IATA with all details. Agencies have to conduct ticketing according to IATA General Rules and also fares, notifications and regulations published by Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines audits all tickets sold and refunded in accordance with fares and fare notes and issues ADMs in case of company leakages.

Turkish Airlines can apply additional sanctions maintaining its legal rights in case it has been found out that the damage was done on purpose.

It is advisable to follow the above mentioned rules to maintain a good level of service for all business partners.