1. Speculative / Fictitious Boking: Bookings made in an anticipation of a sale where no definite passenger exists / or for productivity purposes where no definite passenger exists by using fake names.

2. Adminstrative Booking: Bookings created for testing/agency training/business tracking services (printing itineraries or invoices)

3.Churning : Segments that are repeatedly cancelled and rebooked to circumvent time limits or to meet GDS productivity

4.Duplicate Bookings : Booking more than one segment/PNR for same passenger for same/different route

5.No-Show: Inventory spoilage caused by Travel Service Providers failure to issue tickets and/or cancel unticketed reservations

6.Passive Booking: Non-active booking entered in the GDS to issue ticket for active booking originally hosted in the airlines system

7.Inactive Booking: segments in PNR with status code PN, HX, UN, NO, SC, TK, UC, US or WK

8.Group Booking: Booking 9 or more passengers on 1 PNR

9.Travel Service Provider: Agency or any entity booking the reservation on behalf of passenger

10.Same Day Booking: Bookings made within 24 hours of flight departur