Time Limit Rules

A) Churning :Segments that are repeatedly cancelled and rebooked to circumvent time limits or to meet GDS productivity. (churning)
B) No-Shows:Inventory spoilage caused by agents failure to issue ticket and/or cancel unticketed reservations
C) Questionable cancellations prior to the scheduled flight.
D) Time limit requirements and fare rules must be adhered to and ticket must be issued according to the booking status.Confirmed status may not be used unless received from TK.
E) Confirmed ticket issued for a not-confirmed booking.
F) Agent must not create a PNR in order to check the fare and other information
G) Agent must not book itinerary in one class of service and issue ticket in another class of service.
H) Ticketing must be done in the same CRS in which the original booking is made.
Agents may transfer a PNR for ticketing purposes from one agent to another, using the following entries:

Sabre: 6*TA/PCC (see F*SQLRT for details)
Amadeus: ES PCC-B (PCC is the agency’ s city code)
Galileo: QEP/PCC (PCC is the agency’ s city code)
Worldspan :QEP/PCC (PCC is the agency’ s city code)