Turkish Airlines Opens Doors To National Geographic Channel Cameras

This will be the first time the airline will allow access to its daily operations to be filmed by production crew. The programme will be released in Turkey next autumn on Nat Geo People and National Geographic Channel.

National Geographic Channel Turkey and Turkish Airlines have announced the production of a series that for first time will open the doors of the airline company to a camera crew to film its daily functions. The association between NGC and Turkish Airlines brings together two prestigious companies to show viewers the hectic operation of the transfer center of Turkish Airlines.

The production that is about to begin will be a “behind-the-scenes” of Turkish Airlines, considered for the last three years in a row as the Best European Airline according to Skytrax Passenger Choice Awards with flights to the most destinations in the world.

The result will be seen on the National Geographic Channels in Turkey this autumn.  It has a confirmed airdate of October 2014 on the new Nat Geo People, the National Geographic channel focused on intimate true stories of real people all over the world.  It will also air in November 2014 on National Geographic Channel.

This fly-on-the-wall production will give us an intimate view of the devoted work that keep hundreds of planes safely in the air every day, carrying millions of passengers to destinations around the globe.

Viewers will have privileged access to witness the complex logistics that come along with serving so many passengers both in the air and on the ground.   From the check-in to the arrivals, from cabin crews to the staff dealing with schedules in a world where delays are a guarantee, from apron personnel to the “detectives” of lost luggage, NGC provides a 360-degree view of operations for Turkey’s biggest airline.

The series will reveal how the airline’s crew deals with the challenges as a team to keep the system running smoothly. Hundreds of aircrafts with thousands of passengers and tons of luggage arrive each day from all quarters...it’s one of the most exciting, challenging and intricate businesses on the planet.

The series will focus on a regular weekend at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Viewers will be given unprecedented and intimate access to the extraordinary lives of the characters in the program as all is for real and all is happening in front of National Geographic Channel cameras. All the innerworkings are to be revealed about the system that we think works in a precise and calm manner. One peek inside and you’ll never look at flying in quite the same way again.

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Turkish Airlines has been awarded Best Airline in Europe at the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Skytrax World Airline Awards.

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16.07.2014 Updated