A Landmark Year For Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines will increase its services offered to customers in 2006, through adding new aircraft in its fleet and new destinations in its schedule.


Turkish Airlines is expanding its flight network in 2006. Through adding 24 new international destinations in its flight program for the year 2006, the total destination points will reach 131, consisting of 28 domestic flights and 103 international flights. Together with our Codeshare services, the number of destination points will reach 150.


Of the 59 new generation aircraft ordered by THY, 22 will be delivered in 2006. By August 2006, THY will have a fleet consisting of 100 aircrafts.


THY has an average of 460 flights every day, half of which are domestic flights, and through our connecting flights via Istanbul, all our domestic flights are arranged to ensure transfer to all international flights.

THY offers three flights a day –one in the morning, one at noon and one in the evening— to the major metropolitan cities in Europe, such as London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Düsseldorf.

New flights have been scheduled to numerous destinations such as Sofia, Lyon, Stockholm, Algiers, Tbilisi and Odessa for the days of the week on which no flights were scheduled, hence, the number of scheduled daily flights have been increased.

Direct flights have been scheduled for the TRNC Lefkoşa line from Ankara and Izmir, where the only scheduled direct flights were from Istanbul.


Our direct flights from the Ankara Airport, which particularly has a busy schedule for domestic flights, and which is used as a secondary hub, have been expanded to comprise 16 international flights and 24 domestic flights. Among the direct flights scheduled daily from the Ankara Airport, Düsseldorf and Brussels have been added to Frankfurt flights.

Moreover, two flights with attractive prices will be scheduled for Berlin, which is the first international destination where regular flights will be held from the Sabiha Gökçen Airport.


The first two of the 5 new generation A-330 Airbus type aircrafts ordered, have joined our fleet. The remaining 3 aircrafts are expected to be delivered to THY during summer. By using our A-330 capacity, the number of flights to China is planned to be increased from 5 to 7 flights a week.

Once all our A-330 aircrafts that we have ordered enter into service, our flights to Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong will be separated, and we will offer direct flights to the said destinations. Moreover, starting from June 2006, a new flight schedule will be arranged for our flights to Osaka, which will be held three days a week, and which will offer connecting flights to various European destinations.

17.03.2013 Updated