Declaration about bad weather conditions at Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Istanbul's Ataturk Airport has recently experienced adverse weather conditions that have resulted in delays. Unfortunately, these delays are likely to persist for the next two weeks, with Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week being affected.

During normal weather conditions, the airport can accommodate 55 operations--landings and takeoffs--per hour. However, when southerly winds prevail, that number drops to a maximum of 42. In recent days, actual numbers have failed to reach even that level.

As aircraft wait to depart, and on arrival find intended gates still occupied, traffic on the ramp is also affected and the normal transfer of passengers and bags can be negatively affected as well.

In order to deal with the situation and improve performance, we have established a crisis desk intended to anticipate problems and to create alternative solutions. As a means of limiting delays and congestion, this group is proactively canceling some flights and combining passengers on a single departure.

This policy is being implemented to destinations where there are at least three flights per day and the services are operated with larger aircraft to assure that enough seats will be available for the increased passenger count.

Because of the ongoing  schedule changes, we advise passengers to contact THY in advance, either through the call center or online via our website to obtain the latest information regarding their flights.

We apologize for the inconvenience that may be caused and ask for your understanding as we work through the anticipated delays over the next two weeks. As always, our top priority is to operate safely and with minimal disruption for our valued guests.

Turkish Airlines, Inc
Media Relations

17.03.2013 Updated