Eased Visa Regulations from Turkish Airlines...

Citizens flying Turkish Airlines from 46 countries in sub-Saharan Africa will be granted visas at Istanbul's Ataturk airport if they also have valid Schengen, UK or US visas in their passports.

Among those sub-Saharan Africa countries are Angola, Burundi,  Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Gambia, Cameron, Comoros, Congo, D. Congo,  Melawi, Niger, Nigeria, Ruanda,  Senegal, Somali, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

With the reinforcement of this new regulation a boom in the commercial ties and the number of passengers flying Turkish Airlines is being expected.

Emphasizing on the efforts for eased visa regulations Mr. Hamdi Topcu, the Chairman of Board of Directors of Turkish Airlines, said “It has been difficult for citizens to apply for visa because of the remote locations of Turkish Embassies in many countries in Africa. With the attempt of Turkish Airlines eased visa regulations have been agreed on and reinforced by both Interior Ministry and Foreign Affairs Ministry. Our President and our Prime Ministered did contribute to the positive outcome of this issue as well. We kindly thank them. The implementation of this decision regarding eased visa regulations for citizens of those African countries with Schengen, UK or US visas in their passports will increase the keen interest to both for Turkey and Turkish Airlines.”
The rules of eased visa regulations for citizens from sub-Saharan African countries are as follows:
  • Valid passport,
  • Date of expiration should have minimum 6 months of period,
  • They should have valid Schengen, UK or US visas in their passports and have not being rejected or deported by those countries before,
  • They should be traveling on tourism or business purposes and should have necessary documents (hotel reservation, sufficient monetary funds such as amount of $50 per diem, etc),
  • Round-trip flight ticket from Turkish Airlines,
  • They should not be among those who were forbidden entering Turkey or have been deported by Turkey before.

Businessmen from SAGA countries are going to be granted six-month valid single entry visas giving a 30 day residence permit in exchange for 20 Dollars or 15 Euros provided that they arrive in Turkey for holiday or within the framework of business or trade talks and are also the bearers of valid Schengen, UK or US visas.

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17.03.2013 Updated