Public Announcement

Because Turkish Airlines employees chose not to participate in the strike that was initiated by Hava-Is Union Labor on May 15th, our operations have continued without interruption. We would like to thank all our employees once again for the understanding and commitment they have shown to their employer. 

What has occured since May 15th indicates that our employees intend to come to an agreement. As a result, we’re extending an invitation to the Hava-Is Union Labor to sign the 24th Collective Bargaining Agreement by May 22, 2013.

In the event that the 24th Collective Bargaining Agreement  is not signed by that date, Turkish Airlines has decided to grant a pay increase to all employees, whether they are members of the Union or not. This will be done without any changes to the working conditions or social and employee rights of all of our staff  based on the 23rd Collective Bargaining Agreement. In addition, all the rules and limits relating to the flight plannings of our cockpit and cabin crew will remain the same based on the 23rd Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Turkish Airlines, Inc.
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28.05.2013 Updated