Public Announcement Alcohol Service in Aircraft

Turkish Airlines, which has been selected by Skytrax voters as Europe's best airline due to a concerted two year effort to excel in service quality, continues to strive to meet the high expectations of its passengers, while also being sensitive to specific market needs.
Serving 98 countries, with 183 international destinations and 36 domestic, we have tried to adapt service patterns to the needs of each particular route. One of the ways in which we have done this is to examine the need to offer alcoholic beverages on every service. For the following reasons, some of our routes will no longer provide alcohol for all passengers.
On some domestic flights only Business Class passengers will be offered alcohol as part of the catering service. This will not apply to flights between Istanbul and Izmir, Antalya, Ankara, Bodrum, or Dalaman. On other domestic services there has been little demand for alcohol and it will be discontinued due to logistical considerations.
On International flights, where the flag carriers of those nations do not serve liquor, THY will comply with their wishes and suspend alcoholic drink service to the eight countries involved. This is done as a reciprocal agreement between Turkey and the eight governments that have made the request.
Full beverage service will remain unchanged to the remaining 90 countries in our network and we hope that travelers affected will understand and respect the reasons for our decisions.      
Respectfully inform the public.

Turkish Airlines, Inc
Media Relations

17.03.2013 Updated