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Turkish Airlines is progressing towards innovation on many fronts, especially as it pertains to the customer experience.  These changes are being implemented as a part of the airline’s ongoing re-branding efforts, which merge the hospitality and warmth of Turkey’s cultural heritage with a modern approach. One prime example that illustrates the new strategy which embodies a progressive interpretation of the Turkish hospitality is the CIP lounge at the International Departures terminal at Atatürk International Airport in Istanbul.
Turkish Airlines’ growth strategy has resulted in a nearly 45 percent increase in international passenger transfers.  Gathering customer feedback and conducting research globally has led to many innovations for the airline. This valuable information and the advancements made because of it are part of the reason why Turkish Airlines has been selected Europe’s Best Airline two years in a row. In addition to enhancing its quality of service, Turkish Airlines has implemented the notion of modern Turkish hospitality to the core of its growing brand and is applying the same innovative strategy to many areas such as cabin uniforms, new service concepts and new office designs.
Using this methodology, Turkish Airlines has launched a cabin uniform design project that combines elements from the east and west, has the potential to embody the brand image for many years, and fuses traditional Turkish values with the expectations of the modern world.  With this objective in mind, Turkish Airlines has hired Dilek Hanif, a stylist who has successfully represented the Turkish fashion industry in the international arena. The design process is currently underway and various designs, colors and contour alternatives are being considered. The photo that has run in media outlets is just one of several designs that are being worked on. In addition to designs that showcase new interpretations of Turkish motifs, there are also many different colorful and contemporary designs, which emphasize modern lines. All of the designs will be evaluated and selected based on the feedback and in line with the trends and expectations of Turkish Airlines’ global passengers. Upon the completion of the design process, images of the selected cabin outfits will be shared with the public.

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17.03.2013 Updated