Sales for the first nine months increased by 30%. Turkish Airlines recorded 1.08 Billion TRY Operating Profit, 868 Million Net profit.

Turkish Airlines’ 2012 consolidated financial statements for the first 9 months of 2012 were reported to the Istanbul Stock Exchange.
Compared with the same period in 2011, Turkish Airlines increased its sales revenue  by 30% to 11,2 Billion TRY and recorded an operating profit of 1,08 Billion TRY.  Net profit increased 655% compared to the previous period; to 868 Million TRY.  
  During the period, Turkish Airlines carried a total of 29.1 million passengers--an increase of 20%.  Available Seat Kilometers (ASK) and Revenue Per Kilometer (RPK) increased by 19% and 27%, respectively. The load factor increased by 5.3 points, reaching 77,9% systemwide.  Compared with 2011, international to international transfer passengers grew by 46%, equaling 41,8% of all passengers carried. 
  Also in 2012, 21 new international destinations were added, bringing the total to 170 in 90 countries. With these additional destinations, the Turkish Airlines' network now includes the greatest number of countries served--fulfilling our CEO's vision as announced to IATA.
Turkish Airlines has placed firm orders for 35 wide body aircraft to be delivered by 2017, and the 200th aircraft has just joined the fleet.
  Turkish Airlines has been recognized around the world for it progress in the last 10 years--not only for its spectacular growth but also for its high standards of customer care and quality service. We will continue to maintain high standards and successful performance into the future as well.

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17.03.2013 Updated