The 100th plane has joined THY fleet

THY reached ‘the 100th’

• THY which has been progressing to become the rising star of international aviation sector, added the 100th plane to its fleet to make it younger and more modern.

Working towards the target of possessing the youngest and most modern fleet in Europe, Turkish Airlines complements its growing flight network with new planes. Proud of adding the 100th plane to its fleet, THY aims to have a stronger position in the international aviation sector.

The addition of the 100th plane to the fleet which has become the symbol of growth process in THY was celebrated with a ceremony that was held on August 24th 2006 Thursday in the new hangar of THY Teknik A.Ş. in Atatürk Airport. The ceremony that was hosted by THY Board Director Candan Karlıtekin and THY General Manager Assoc. Prof. Temel Kotil was attended by top executives from THY as well as employees, a large number of business partners and media representatives, and Boeing company representatives.

• Karlıtekin: The 100th plane is the symbol of our target to become a global company

In her ceremony address, THY Board Director Candan Karlıtekin said that the institution has set great but achievable targets and they have been taking safe steps towards becoming a global company. Indicating that one of the most widely known Turkish brands is THY, Karlıtekin said, “As you know, we purchased 61 new planes in 2004 in order to make our fleet younger and newer. With the new planes that have been added to our fleet starting from the end of last year, THY has reached a respectable size at international level with 100 planes. The number of places to which we carry our national flag is increasing continuously. Proud of carrying the national flag, THY shall continue to represent our country in the international arena in the best way and to be our national pride.”

Emphasising that THY will never sacrifice flight safety in spite of the fast growth process, Karlıtekin added:
“THY has defined international zone as its prior growth area because we have aimed to reach a point where we can compete with the global giants. In the long term, only those airline companies with international competitive power will survive and others will either diminish or remain to be national-local companies. We have big targets as THY. We are determined that THY shall have a very strong position in the international sector with its qualified workforce and its fleet that contains young and modern planes. THY has been making big efforts to reach that objective as a big family with its employees and managers. The 100th plane is the symbol of the determination of THY to reach the vision and objectives that it has set.”

• Kotil: THY shall be the rising star

THY General Manager Assoc. Prof. Temel Kotil said that they have aimed to become an institute that can compete with the leading companies in Europe and in the world instead of trying to fill the capacity in domestic and international lines using the existing personnel and planes and added that THY must place itself in the global arena because Turkey and THY deserve it.

Saying that THY has to have at least as large, young and modern fleets as its competitors to reinforce its position in the strict international competition, Kotil added, “The aim of THY family is to make the company the rising star of international aviation sector. The 100th plane is the symbol of THY’s growth and of the strong position that it has had at the international level”.

Stating that the successful growth of THY and the understanding of quality service have attracted the attention of global aviation sector, General Manager Kotil reminded that Star Alliance, which is one of the biggest airline alliances of the world, has come to THY to invite it. Kotil said, “Star Alliance knows that it will increase its value and power with the high service quality of THY”.

In parallel with the growth targets of THY, they have been recruiting young and dynamic personnel according to requirements. Kotil said:

“In the last four months we have recruited 825 cabin personnel in addition to the existing 1.763. The number of our pilots has doubled from 634 to become 1.116. We have restructured the Call Centre and we currently employ 520 people instead of the former 120. Thanks to planned growth, we are one of the best airline companies in Europe in terms of timely departure in spite of the increasing number of destinations, planes and passengers. Last year, we had a timely departure ratio of 76 percent but this year it increased to 82 percent. Similarly, our occupation rate is increasing as well. We are planning to have 18 million passengers as compared to 14 million in 2005. In summary, THY has been going through an efficient and effective growth process besides its high performance.”

In his ceremony address, Boeing Sales Director Aldo Basili said, “We are proud that 737 as the most preferred plane in the world has become a milestone in the history of THY. 737 planes which make up about 60 percent of THY fleet are being used by 541 airline companies in 192 countries. We are happy to say that this model is also the most preferred plane in the Turkish aviation sector”. Basili presented a plaque to THY managers for the memory of the 100th plane.

After the speeches, the Boeing 737-800 with the number “100” on its body was accompanied by the fire brigade from the runway to the front of the ceremony hangar and joined the THY fleet to start flying.

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