The Apple Passbook application is available for the first time in Turkey on Fly Turkish...

Turkish Airlines, “Europe’s Best Airline” that flies to the highest number of countries in the World, has become the first Turkish company in Turkey to support the Passbook feature. Turkish Airlines has made the mobile application Fly Turkish compatible with Passbook to take its place among the first airlines that offer Passbook supported mobile boarding passes.

The Passbook application was just recently presented to the market by Apple in the iOS 6.0 version. With Apple’s Passbook application, which was presented only for the iOS 6.0 and higher versions of iPhone/ iPod touch devices, users are able to transfer their boarding passes to a mobile format, or in other words their own iPhone/iPod touch devices. Users of iPhone and iPod touch devices that only use the iOS 6.0 and higher versions can benefit from the Passbook application by saving their Turkish Airlines passenger boarding cards as a Pass and proceed all the way to the airplane without the need for paper boarding cards in airports that support mobile boarding cards. The mobile boarding pass application is supported by all the airports in Istanbul.

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17.03.2013 Updated