Turkish Airlines adds a new class on its flights along with economy, business and first class

Passengers will experience comfort in “Comfort Class” at inexpensive rates…

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Turkish Airlines opens doors for new privileges in the sky. A new class will be added on along with the Economy Class, Business Class and First Class.  The new class will be placed between the Economy Class and Business Class and named as the Comfort Class. The purpose is to combine the convenience of Business Class with the reasonable purchasing rates of Economy Class.

Turkish Airlines will begin to offer the “Comfort Class” on trunk routes to Beijing, Shanghay, Narita, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo and Toronto on its the new B777 aircraft upon their arrival. Depending on delivery time of the new B777s to join the fleet the Comfort Class will be offered on the flights to New York, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles as well.

The Comfort Class seats as the most important privileges that Comfort Class will provide for the passengers have been designed for this category while the knee space and sitting space are kept at its maximum range. The seat pitch of 116 cm and seat width of 49 cm are the leading features of  the Comfort Class.

Having their own individual display screens with the 10.6“ in-arm screens embedded on each seats the passengers will be able watch as many films, serials, documentaries and cartoons as they wish while they can access the entire visual archives instantly. Passengers who want to rest their legs will have the apparatus of leg rest stowed beneath the seas.

Many passengers wish to access their own individual digital archives during the flights. This detail was not skipped on these newly designed seats as well. The passengers will be able to access their files by simply using their personal USB devices or iPODs.  

Customers can book their travel at Turkish Airlines’ web site at www.thy.com , by calling Reservation Line at 444 0 849 or through the sale offices. Also to view the flight schedule and for any other enquiries about Turkish Airlines, please stay on our web site.

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17.03.2013 Updated