Turkish Airlines announces its first flights to Al Basrah (Iraq) and Naples (Italy)...

Turkish Airlines today launched its first nonstop flight from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to Al Basrah which is the airline’s 3rd flight destination in Iraq after Baghdad and Arbil. The first flight to Al Basrah has departed at 7:00am (TK798) with the Boeing 737/800 aircraft. Effective by 5th July 2011, flights to Al Basrah will be operated on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays via Najaf (Iraq) .

Turkish Airlines also launched its flight to Naples in Italy today. The flights to Naples are scheduled to depart three times per week on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The frequency will increase from 3 to 5 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) by 2nd August 2011.
Flights to Al Basrah will take place as follows (between 30.06.2011-02.07.2011);
Istanbul-Al Basrah            Departure/Arrival
Thursday, Saturday 03:10 - 06:25
Al Basrah-Istanbul Departure/Arrival
Thursday, Saturday 08:50 - 12:15
Flights to Naples will take place as follows;
Istanbul-Naples Departure/Arrival
Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 10:30 - 11:55
Naples-Istanbul Departure/Arrival
Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 12:55 - 16:10
(All Times are in Local Mean Time)
Roundtrip airfares from Istanbul to Al Basrah will be on sale with the reduced prices starting from 275 Euros, from Istanbul to Naples starting from 180 Euros including taxes and fees for the travels starting before 31st August 2011.

To view the flight schedules, please visit www.thy.com, call +90 212 444 0849 Call Center or contact with TK sales offices.

To view the photo ımages, please click on the link.

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