Turkish Airlines begins service to Mogadishu (Somalia) on March 6, 2012...

Turkish Airlines will add Mogadishu, Somalia to its growing network, operating twice weekly via Khartoum. Flights will depart on Tuesday and Thursday from its Istanbul hub, Atatürk Airport, and return from Mogadishu on Wednesday and Friday according to the attached schedule.

Istanbul-Khartoum (TK686) Departure Arrival
Tuesday-Thursday 22:15 03:20 (+1)
Khartoum-Mogadishu (TK686) Departure Arrival
Wednesday-Friday 04:10 07:00
Mogadishu-Khartoum (TK687) Departure Arrival
Wednesday-Friday 08:00 11:00
Khartoum-Istanbul (TK687) Departure Arrival
Wednesday-Friday 11:50 15:05
***All Times Local.
***+1: Next Day Arrival.

Roundtrip airfares from Istanbul to Mogadishu are now available with fares starting from 426 Euros including taxes and fees for the travels starting before April 7th, 2012.

Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines currently flies to 189 destinations, including 149 international and 40 domestic lines, with joining the Mogadishu flights to its flight network, the airline will reach to 190 destinations worldwide.

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