Turkish Airlines Decided To Enter Star Alliance

Turkish Airlines (Türk Hava Yolları A.O.) has entered the growth stage in the recent years and it has drawn the attention of aviation sector of the world with such great initiatives as purchasing 61 new aircrafts and opening 24 new flight destinations. Consequently, airline alliances have offered Turkish Airlines to include us to their alliances. Our global flight network and our effective position in specific markets is increasing the importance of our partnership for the alliances.
As of today, there are three major airline alliances in the world. These are; Star Alliance established in 1997 led by Lufthansa in Europe, Oneworld established in 1998 led by British Airways in Europe and Sky Team established in 2000 led by Air France in Europe.

Having doubled the number of passengers it carried in the last three years, Turkish Airlines has decided to cooperate with airline alliances for the purpose of producing solutions to the ever increasing needs of the passengers

Upon realization of participation of Turkish Airlines to one of these airlie alliance our customers will be provided with significant advantages such as more flight destinations in the world, winning and using miles in the other member airlines of the airline alliance and certain additional preferrential treatments and use of CP Lounge and other privileges.

Our company has taken it as a strategic objective to participate in a global airline alliance in line with the resolution of the Board of Directors made in end 2004 and intiated the studies by setting up a sub-commitee. Mutual meetings have been held in the country and abroad both with the representatives of Star Alliance and Sky Team beginning from mid 2005, and information and documents on important issues have been collected. The related units in our company have made analysis and evaluation studies under the light of these information and documents.

In line with the analysis and evaluation studies made, the Board of Directors of our company has decided at the meeting held today to commence negotiations with STAR ALLIANCE taking into consideration the competitive edge, material benefits , wider reach for globalized world it will bring and the contribution it will make to the realzation of the other medium and long term objectives of our company

It is planned to realize the participation to STAR ALLIANCE within a period of 1 – 1.5 year following the Preliminary Agreement to be signed. This period for our company is preparation and adaptation period which will cover miscellaneous adaptation projects in various areas such as Information Technologies Infrastructure and marketing, sales, customer services, ground operations.

17.03.2013 Updated